What we're about

Thank you for viewing this meetup. Unfortunately with Covid 19 and changes to my work schedule, I will not be having any events for the next several months. I considered closing down the meetup but decided to maintain the group just so people can maintain their presence. Stay tuned. I will send out a new message when we restart.

What we're about
We are a group of photographers, models, MUA’s and other creatives who get together to practice our skills, share our experiences and learn from each other.
Some of us are complete beginners and others are experienced brands and businesses. Everyone of every skill level is encouraged join as long as they have a good attitude and a willingness to get along.

Group goal- Provide a safe, non-competitive and encouraging environment for Models, Photographers and other Creatives to meet and practice their skills.
To connect for collaboration and networking purposes.
To promote emerging brands and give exposure to those who want it.

To educate ourselves by mentoring and learning from our peers through classes and workshops.

Types of activities- Primary activity would be the organization of collaborative events and group photoshoots between models and photographers. Typically I will arrange for models once or twice a month and then open the event to maintain no more than a 4-1 ratio for Photogs to Models. At a predetermined time and location, we will meet, break off into groups of models with photographers for a 30 -60 minute session then re-meet, rotate and repeat. The intent would be for all models to work with all photographers.

Other activities include workshops, classes, dinners and possibly photography excursions and will be posted as they occur. Interest has been shown in night shots, Studio work, sport activities and street photography. If you have a suggestion, you are asked to share.

Fee- I am going to implement a $10 annual fee for all members of this group as this Meetup group costs the admin significant money and time to operate.

We also pay models and for that reason, the admin reserves the right to charge reasonable fees to those participating in the activities to help cover model fees, paperwork and compensate the admin for time spent organizing, booking models, scouting, creating and managing Meetup page and Dropbox.

We work on a “no pay, no play!”basis. Fees must be paid before attending. This both ensures participants are committed and gives a better idea of number of participants. Typically, fees will be $10-30 a session but classes and special events may be higher.

What everyone gets

TFP time for pictures photoshoots. Models and photographers can build their portfolios for a very low fee. The photographer provides the model with a specific number of edited images that either can can use for portfolios, self promotion, contests etc. Both parties are free to use those images in a non commercial fashion. There is an expectation that some of these images will be posted on the Group Page where both models and photographers can gain exposure and help this group grow.

What Models get- TFP images from a variety of photographers with the resulting variety of styles.
The opportunity to network with both photographers and other models.
A safe environment to practice your craft.

What Photographers get-TFP images from a variety of models with the resulting variety of styles.
The opportunity to practice your craft with other like minded photographers, to share your skills and to learn from them.
The opportunity to learn how to direct models to achieve your own style and vision
For those want mentoring, the admin will pair you off with a seasoned photographer to help and assist you during the shoot.
For those that want to have their work critiqued, the admin will be willing to make suggestions.


Implicit in a collaboration is that images will be shared in both directions. Photographers have a responsibility to provide the model with a fair selection of edited images that the model can use. The same applies to the Models, while models have the right to veto images if they think they are inappropriate, they can only veto images for exposure or being distasteful. Failure to share is grounds for removal from this group.

Respect-All members will treat each other with respect. While we have had no issues, we will also not tolerate disrespect in any form or manner. There are no second chances, treat each other better than you would treat your mother.

Specifically, if you RSVP show up. Since some of these activities will have a cap, taking and not using a spot is a waste of resources.

Safety first, and second and third. This is a Meetup collaboration not a hosted event. You are responsible for your own safety so do not do any activities that may place the photographer or model at risk. Models have the right to say no to any style, pose or anything else they are not comfortable with. This includes veto right for any images they feel are inappropriate or distasteful. Photographers should not touch models for any reason.

No one should feel pressured to give out contact information if they choose not. Generally speaking, contact info will be limited to email address but if you want to share business cards that is fine.

Model releases will be required. They will say that both parties have the right to use approved images in any way except commercially.

Posting of images
More upcoming here but generally photographers should only post approved images. Any images that go online must tag anyone included in the shot, including photographer, model, MUA. If you wish for the group to promote your work you must also tag the group and myself. Tagging me is de facto permission to use your images for group promotion.

Watermarking is ultimately the choice of the photographer but should be tasteful and not take away from the image.

While I have spent a considerable time thinking of these guidelines, I don’t think I know it all. I believe others have as good or better ideas, feel free to share them with me.
By joining this group you agree to abide by the admin decisions, I have sole discretion for all decisions. These rules may change based on issues or situations. It will be done at my discretion within my timeframes.

Past events (27)

Nudes in Nature Fine Art Class

22x and 37th St SW, gravelled parking area

Outdoor Walkabout -Long Lens Photoshoot in the park

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Outdoor Walkabout -Long Lens Photoshoot in the park

Fish Creek Provincial Park


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