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(F & L) Preparation for summer hiking - Memorial Stairs - oh yeah!

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Soon we will be going hiking into the mountains, however if you are like us, you managed to get a wee bit out of shape over the winter months.

So, let's get out and work on our stamina by starting off slowly and building up.

As the series goes on we will incorporate hills, stairs and the opportunity to carry a loaded back pack. (Feel free to bring your back pack to all walks if you like)

Each walk will be approximately 1 hour long and will take place in the evenings.

Tonight we will speak about the importance of pacing yourself and the importance of good hydration

(water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!)


Park on the side streets beside the stairs on Memorial Drive (or pay to park at the bottom of the stairs by the Curling Club)

Goal for tonight is to climb the stairs, twice!!! Does not matter what speed you do, just get up and back down again twice....maybe it's time to add a couple of bottles of water inside your backpack for added weight.

After we have done the stairs a couple of times, we will take a walk around Princes Island Park to cool down.

Oh that bath and a stretch afterwards is going to feel soooo good!