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Events are inspired by the members within and will be curated to match interests. My goal is to host an event every 2 weeks, and if anyone wants to volunteer to host an event, that's welcome too. Events will include coffee meetups, drinks/dinner, movie nights, craft and coloring session, potlucks and local events.

This group is inspired by the Victoria Newbies Group, which I started 8 years ago when I first moved there. The group grew to over 100 members, and lasted a few years, dwindling after I moved away.

You will see most events are limited to 10 attendees, and that is the keep the meetups intimate, so you have the best chance to get to know people and make connections. Please keep this in mind with RSVPing, and keep your RSVP's up to date if you can't make it!

This group was created for women between the ages of 25 - 35, who are new(ish) to Calgary. If you identify with any of these specifications, you are welcome to join.

(*read: if you identify as a woman, and feel you would get along well with women of that age group, you are welcome to join. If you're a mature 22 year old or an immature 40 year old, you're welcome to join! As for how long you've lived in Calgary, there is no limit. If you moved here and are still wanting to make new friends, you're welcome to join. If you've lived here your whole life and your friends have all moved away and you want a new circle, you're welcome to join. The purpose of this group is inclusion now exclusion. That being said, the organizer retains the right to deny access for security and the integrity of the group. )


New Rules Updated April 28th, 2019:

All events will have a $5.00 RSVP deposit required, which is payable via paypal.

The deposit is refundable when:

1. You attend the event

2. You give notice 24 hours or more prior, that you cannot attend. (Change your RSVP to no, and message the group admin to ask for a refund.)


Without exception, the deposit becomes a donation to the group when:

1. You "no show"

2. You changed your RSVP with less than 24 hours notice

If you no-show, or give less than 24 hours notice twice in less than 6 months, you may be removed from the group. This removal is at the discretion of admin, and in the case of family illness, sickness, and where you've communicated with admin.

Please note that 100% of the time that members no-show or change their RSVP without 24 hours notice, their deposit will become a donation. Regardless of the situation (ie: family emergency, sickness, etc.). This is to keep things simple and fair for everyone.


Any $5.00 fees that are not returned because of no-shows or late RSVP change will contribute to cover the Meetup fees of this group, which are close to $30/month. I will make the financials for this group available for everyone to see and also upon request.

Instead of fundraising to cover these fees, members may request their $5.00 deposit be donated to cover fees, OR they may e-transfer or paypal admin at any time - ashleyltd.cunningham@gmail.com, with the password: newbies. I don't want this group to focus on money, so we won't do anything like having a donation bin at events or accepting cash donations during events; people have asked how they can help, I'm hoping this provides an option to share the cost amongst the group, without making people think they need to donate to participate, or making anyone feel awkward! If you make a donation it will reflect on the financials available through the group.

This is a new procedure and will be updated as we see what works and doesn't for the group. It's expected that there will be a shift in the group; Most of us joined the group under the pretense that there would be no fees, and if this changes anyone's interest in participating, it's understandable they may want to leave the group.

This policy will be put into place going forward for all events hosted by this group, without exception.

Also, members must have a visible profile picture showing their face before being approved. After approval should any members not have the appropriate profile picture they will be asked to update it or leave the group (this is for security and to give us a better chance of being able to find you at an event!)

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