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D3: Mount Shark XC Ski Trip

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• CORA Organizers no longer accept cash at the trailhead! In order to join this event you need to be a CORA 2013 or 2014 member; alternatively, you can pay $5 and join as a non-member. Payments are done online (the blue link on the left. Type the amount of payment in the box. Smart phones don't have this application, so you need to do this on a PC/Mac).

• This event is for multi-level, beginner to expert, cross-country skiers. We'll go out and try our ski skills on a slow-to-moderate pace, on green and blue trails.

• If you don't have, rent your skis from MEC or UofC Outdoor center on Friday. If beginner, go with waxless skis.

• If there's enough interest, we'll book an open buffet all-you-can-eat at Mount Engadine Lodge. This involves tea, coffee, cake, wine and cheese, and various other good stuff, including a cat and blanket xD Please indicate in your pre-RSVP questions. I need to know how many will be coming. If you indicate interest and then cancel your RSVP in the last minute, you'll be recorded as "no show." I'll give priorities to those who are interested.


Where: Peter Lougheed PP

Max: 8 people

Distance: 10-15 km (roundtrip)

Elevation Gain: 200 m

Hiking Time: 5 hours plus driving (only an estimate).

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate on groomed tracks.

Skill level: A good level of fitness is required to do this outing. Beginners with a good cardiovascular strength and strong legs are welcome.

Hazards: Mountains are clearly dangerous places! Make sure you have appropriate clothing and gear.

Weather Conditions:

Driving/Carpooling: The trip starts at the trailhead, but as a convenience to the members, we will carpool in the designated city location (i.e. Dalhousie parking lot).

Please reimburse some gas $$ to your drivers.

Mandatory Gear: Backpack (20+ litres with straps), XC skis, poles, and boots, windstopping shell layers, food and snacks, 2 litres of water, gaiters/ski pants, headlamp, sunglasses, toque/beanie, first aid kit (minimum blister and wound care kits).

Optional Gear: Snowshoes, Camera, map and compass, GPS, sunscreen, sonic balaclava, fire starter.

• Do not wear the following: Jeans, casual shoes (including sneakers/trainers, work boots), cotton layers, small running packs. These are not appropriate footwear for hiking in the mountains. If you happen to wear jeans and non-hiking footwear, you'll be sent to home in shame :)

Cancellation policy: 24 hours prior to the trip. Keep in mind that this is not a dating service; you are either committed or not. Depending on your attitude, Friday late night cancellations may result in having a "no show" -- unless you come up with a very "juicy" excuse such as UFO abductions, alien invasion, flying boars, Metallica concert, or bad hair.

During the trip, you are expected to follow the trip organizer(s) and stick with the group. However, CORA trip organizer(s) are NOT certified mountain guides, but only experienced hikers volunteering and sharing their knowledge. As such, you are responsible for your own safety and equipment.


My cell phone is # 403-862-1727