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Helping ordinary people live the life they deserve through real estate!

Choosing the right property is the most crucial aspect in creating wealth from real estate.

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Tired of all the nonsense and hype out there surrounding investing? Start learning the truth about what it takes to successfully make money from real estate.

Welcome to the #1 Real Estate Investment Meet Up Group in Calgary with over 4000 Investors.

Learn why our clients take an investors approach when buying real estate. Making sure your next purchase isn't a huge mistake that can set you back for years to come.

Yes, Calgary Real Estate Wealth is Calgary’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors, BUT we are not your typical real estate investment company.

We were founded by two passionate property investors Azad Chandler and Tim Desautels, who set out with the specific goal of helping others achieve their financial independence through property investment. Choosing to surround themselves with ambitious people of a similar property investment mindset, today our awesome team includes accountants, solicitors, finance providers, trades, contractors and property managers.

What do we do?

Since 2006 we have mentored thousands of investors who are increasing their wealth with real estate.

Calgary Real Estate Wealth is a small Investment company that specializes in the tailored service of high quality real estate investments in the Calgary area. We offer full service sales including buying, selling, marketing, finance, management, mentorship and education.

We don’t guess. We don’t speculate. We acquire the right properties for our clients that will appreciate more than the average priced homes in Calgary and surrounding areas.

We buy below market value homes that will cash flow, rent out faster, and have little to no vacancies.

We hand select each property with you and give you all of the support, guidance, and ongoing education that you will need to become a successful property investor.

We tailor real estate investment strategies for every investor. These include; buy & hold cash flowing properties, flipping, pre-construction, commercial, multi-family & development.

No matter what your dreams are: buying a bigger home – driving a fancy car – going on more vacations – sending the kids to university or better schools or building a better retirement? Calgary Real Estate Wealth is here to show you how property investing can help you achieve those goals.

We promise no nonsense, no hidden fees, no ‘hype’ and no quick fixes – only honest, transparent and straightforward advice. We promise 100% commitment to our clients’ goals, but in return we don’t allow just anyone to be a client of ours – we want go-getters, investors that will take action once educated, investors who will do the work needed to achieve their goals. If you have the desire to get started, we will help you invest the right way in real estate.

Most importantly, we do all this by having fun, staying humble and being human in our property investment approach.

Education, Guidance & Support every step of the way!

Learn more at www.calgaryrealestatewealth.com (http://www.calgaryrealestatewealth.com/)

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How To Renovate Like The Pros

Online event

Our next seminar is all about renovating. We will demonstrate step by step on how much money can be made from the right renovations in this market with this very popular home improvement strategy.

What You Will Learn:

We will discuss how our clients use the latest flipping techniques, styles and strategies when flipping homes.

How to choose the right properties to flip.

How to rule out speculation and play it safe.

The most common mistakes to avoid.

Best communities to flip houses in Calgary.

What type of renovations will make you money or lose you money.

How our clients flip their own houses to climb the property ladder tax free.

Why working with expert investment realtors eliminate the risk when flipping houses.

Come see why we are the #1 Real Estate Investment MeetUp Group in Calgary with over 4500 members.

We host guest speakers such as lawyers, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, etc. We also include reliable trades people so our investors can network amongst themselves.

Azad & Tim are always available for Q & A after each webinar.

We will be showcasing how we have helped our clients in this economy make the right decision on their rental properties, what returns they are achieving in this market and why real estate can be a great fit for your portfolio.

Tell a friend or family to join in on Tuesday, October 26th for an entertaining and educational 90 minutes of real estate investment education. For more information about the Calgary Investment Real Estate Forum go to

Support, Guidance & Education..............every step of the way.

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