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Technology continues to evolve, and so does the Calgary SharePoint and Office 365 User Group (CalSPOUG). With the advent of SharePoint Online, we have been broadening our scope to include both cloud and on-premise versions of SharePoint for some time now.

As SharePoint has evolved, it has become progressively more integrated with other Office products, especially online, to the point that we believe that a deeper understanding of the full O365 suite is essential to maximizing your investment in these products.

So the Calgary SharePoint User Group has decided to morph into the Calgary SharePoint & Office 365 User Group (CalSPOUG). We continue to foster the use and education of the Microsoft SharePoint platform in Calgary, but will also offer educational sessions in the full O365 platform as well in future. Anyone can participate in the group, from those that are experienced in SharePoint and Office 365 Users, Developers and Administrators, to those just starting out. We host events at regular intervals (usually the 3rd Thursday of the month), and encourage networking and teamwork within the SharePoint and Office 365 community in Calgary.

To See previous presentations and slide decks click here for our library (https://calspug.sharepoint.com/teams/Members/pages/default.aspx) (Microsoft account sign-in required - please e-mail info@calspug.org to request guest access).

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