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We are software developers who know that writing quality code comes from deliberate practice. We find that writing code together makes it more fun and better quality than going it alone. Our meetings include guest speakers and opportunities to practice new skills and hone old ones. We use Test Driven Development while coding in pairs to tackle short programming challenges, called katas. Whether you have a favourite programming language, IDE, OS, or testing framework, or you’re completely new to code, it doesn’t matter. If you bring your imagination, curiosity and a computer, you are welcome.

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June coding challenge ensemble session

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We are going to continue with the code challenge from last month - the Gilded Rose Refactoring Kata from Emily Bache: https://github.com/emilybache/GildedRose-Refactoring-Kata

This time, we will be focusing on the "Lift Conditional" refactoring technique developed by Llewellyn Falco, a technical coach from New Mexico. Here is the video:

We will be focusing on using this technique to solve this challenge. Join us to work on this challenge.

If you would like to improve your facilitating skills please let us know and we would love to set you up with the group.

In person hangout!


Let's have a casual hang at Aggudo Coffee!

We'll be drinking coffee and chatting about all things - tech or not! There is no set schedule, it's not super formal, just a bunch of software crafters getting together to chat. This is a great way to network informally and get to know other people with the same interests as you!

This event is meant to be a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to hang and chat about tech. We require all participants to treat others with respect and refrain from any form of harassment. People who fail to treat others accordingly will be asked to leave our events. Please contact an organizer if you have any concerns.

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In person hangout!