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    Have you been the victim of abuse from someone who has Narcisstic Personality Disorder? Are you being tortured with gaslighting? Are you experiencing cognitive dissonance? Have you successfully gotten away but can't seem to move forward...can't seem to heal? Are your friends or family tired of hearing about it. Do they not beleive you when you tell them what your abuser has done to you or worse...they hear it and then go...I don't see why that is a problem? Until you have been a victim of someone with Narcisstic Personality Disorder, you cannot begin to understand the daily hell that is endured. Nor can you understand why someone stays in that abusive a relationship or cannot move forward.

    This meetup is for those of us who are living it...whether we are choosing to stay, have choosen to leave or have been discarded. The damage they inflict is beyond comprehension. The good news is healing does occur. It takes patience, support and a lot of self care. This is a chance for all of us to meet, talk about the current struggles we are having, share our successes and find out about resources that are available.

    This group is not a substitute for therapy, it is just a chance to talk with others who are going through the same thing and truly understand. You are not alone.

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