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What we’re about

This is a private group to help protect the anonymity of those who may be questioning their faith.  Make a request to join if you're interested.   Still not sure?  All our events / videos / blogs can be viewed at 

This group is for those who want to explore the truth about what the Bible really says. About what is actually written in the text, not what you're being told from someone who's received a special "revelation".
We are ex-Mormons, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and concerned Christians who want to help you find a fulfilling personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We're not here to judge, just reason with you and tell you the truth and show you the love that Christ has shown us.

We have experienced deception, spiritual abuse, shunning, and many hardships that unfortunately are very unique to cultists. We believe that those leaving cults do not have to suffer the trauma alone, as we have rebuilt our lives in the hope we have found in Jesus Christ, and with one another.

Our events range from bible studies to potlucks. Come give us a chance, the truth will set you free.

Want more info?  Check out our website at