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The Calgary Wild Woman Project

As a part of The Wild Woman Project (http://thewildwomanproject.com/), we gather each month on the Saturday/Sunday closest to the New Moon. Inspired by a Theme (which changes each month), we Meditate, Inquire, Share and Create Intentions for the Moon Cycle ahead.

These circles are not associated with a singular path or religion, but rather an inclusive coming together of women from all paths.

This group is dedicated to bringing women together in an intentional space to form a sisterhood and create a space where women of all ages, backgrounds and life experiences can connect, support and evolve together. This is a sacred space where you are free (and encouraged) to be your true authentic self, to feel comfortable, and to be open, raw and vulnerable - because that’s where the gold is ladies!

We are a heart-centered group who laugh (a lot), cry (sometimes), dance (like nobody’s business), hug (whole-heartedly), and who empower one and other (because we are all sisters).

What happens at a circle?

Not all months will be the same, but the ‘Classic Wild Woman Circles’ run about 2 hours and look like this:

[1] Wild Woman Project/Circle introduction.
[2] Choosing of Goddess Cards (purchase your own here (http://www.hayhouse.com/goddess-guidance-oracle-cards)).
[3] Dropping in - Lighting of candle to begin the circle.
[4] Guided Meditation (will change with theme) and journaling afterwards.
[5] Group check-in and introductions where you share as much or as little (your name, card you pulled, 2 explorations from the meditation)
[6] Group Creative Ritual/Exercise - Intention Setting based on the theme of the month
[7] Sharing (again, only as much as you are open to!)
[8] Closing ‘Wild Heart Meditation’

Some months we will incorporate things like (Vision Boarding, Potlucks, Mala Bead Creations, Meditation Lessons, Drumming Circles, Native/Mayan Sweat Lodges, and more!)

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