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What we're about

Everyone at one point or another has been laid off or found themselves jobless and it very likely was not a fair fight.

While crappy decisions are made every day about layoffs or exits of any kind, those of us who find ourselves on the outside must spend a lifetime explaining someone else's decision, our ex-bosses needn't speak again about their decisions.

This situation is allowed to perpetuate because we as job seekers are suppose to learn from their decisions, we must show how we have internalized the lessons, effectively subjugating ourselves even further.

While learning from every situation is good, it is clear that the lesson is not what we have been lead to believe for all these years.

The Plan

Short term:

Incredible networking to get people jobs. We are going to get to know one another so we can get each of you working, at a company or hopefully your own business- We prefer to own our destiny. We are going to change your context from victim to victorious, many of you may already be there, but if you are not, get ready.

Long term:

Our children deserve a sustainable work environment as much as they deserve a sustainable natural environment.

We are going to change the conversation about the future of work. You are talent and you have unique qualities that the market needs. That means you have choices. With 65-85% of people with jobs who are looking for a better job, something has to change.

If people truly matter then better choices must be made, by employers and talent alike. The future of work must change. You may have to learns some new skills but so will employers.

We are going to help this city, the employers who are here and new ones to come that we must change together. To get talent to give their best, we expect an employers best and not the politically sanitized marketing best, but a real world best. One where talent gives and in return it is recognized honourably by the employer. Where talent and employing organizations collaborate transparently.

We are progressive, not angry.

Calgary is a very smart city, we are highly educated, dynamic and youthful. So when someone tries to kick us, we, get, up. We stand together, with honour and always looking to creating a better future for everyone, we don't leave people behind.

We are going to own our future and we are going to make it a great.

Jeannine Adam


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