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Write Night - Casual Drop-In At The Coast Hotel
• What we'll do Gather before 7p.m. for dinner and drinks and start writing on your WIP - Work in Progress at 7, with timed breaks through the evening until we end writing session around 11p.m. or when you need to leave. • What to bring Bring whatever devices or writing materials you require. • Important to know This is a LAST MINUTE ONLY DROP IN WRITING SESSION. It'll be whoever has this evening free and wants to get some writing done at the Coast. The organizers may or may not be there. RSVP to let others know you are going. This is NOT a regular meeting. This is purely for getting some writing done on your own WIPs.

Coast Plaza Hotel

1316 - 33 Street NE · Calgary, AB

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What we're about

Let's set the scene...shall we?

1920's Paris. Montparnasse District, where all the artisans, who were yet to "Be", gathered over daytime cafe au lait or nighttime cocktails. These were not the wealthy nor the famous by any stretch. They were hard-working writers who wanted more from their craft, fought hard to become more proficient, more real, more profound in their voice. They would meet regularly and amid their porfessional toil and triumphs, bonded, and became fast friends and passionate critics to one another. Niceties nor political correctness was NOT the social aim, for there just was no time for hurt feelings when the quality of the art was at stake. Hashing our their prosaic problems and getting straight answers and useful feedback from each other was. Flash forward 90+ years and 4900 miles west and you have...

The Calgary Writers "Montparnasse" Group

Hosted by Barbie Thompson

The CWM is a Group of laid-back but dedicated or soon-to-be dedicated "hackers".

Short Story, Novella or Novel, Fiction or Non...we live to pen the words that change the world, one writer, one reader at a time.

The CWM is a Writer's Process Group, NOT a critique group. We investigate and discuss how writers create, develop, produce-to-finish and convey their stories to the Public. Results-oriented, We are, concerned more with the prosaic forest as a whole. The rest of the Calgary writers groups can continue to dissect ad nauseum the grammatical trees...;)

* PLEASE NOTE: If you've decided to Join the CWM and we have NOT seen you at any the next Four meetings, we will assume this wasn't the Group for you and will Remove You from our Membership List. Regularly Engaged Members, who get to know one another well so mutual trust can be established, will only make this kind of Group work; therefore, the CWM is NOT interested in inflating its Membership List with "ghost" members for some kind of fake Meet Up site popularity Image. If in the future, you again think this would be a Group in which you'd like to Actively Participate, then by all means Join again.*

*PLEASE ALSO NOTE: IF you are thinking of Joining the CWM for bragging rights, gloating or self-promotional agendas, We are definitely NOT the Group for you. Such behaviour NEVER fosters positive connections within a writers community. Please look elsewhere for that. Thank-you. :)

I did not take on this already established Group for any Power Trip or some kind of Networking Brownie Points. I'm in this for the love of the Craft and the desire to meet and socialize with the vibrant writing community here in Calgary.

* No Mind Games

* No Ulterior Motives

* No Sales Pitches

* No Egos

* ONLY Enjoyable, Well-Focused Meetings where We ALL can Encourage One Another in the Betterment of our Craft!

Writers of any Genre, in any Medium, Published or not, Professional or Hobbyist...and Writers-Yet-To-Be...are All Welcome...:)

If all you get from sitting down with Us for a few hours every two weeks is Useful Information, a good case of the Laughs and Wondrous Inspiration, My Work here is done...socializing over coffee and cocktails won't make it icky either! :D

Regards, Barbie...:D

Email me anytime, with any question, concern, idea or suggestion at;

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