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This group gets together to do spiritual healing. This healing occurs using chakras, guided meditation, empowerment, music and sacred dance which leaves the participants with a feeling of energy and calmness. It is often called the sister of yoga because it has similar benefits. This group is to have FUN, get DOWN, and get SPIRITUAL by ENJOYING YOURSELF. Getting to know yourself by empowerment can be a great process. Let's enjoy it!!!!!


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Journey to the Third Eye Chakra Workshop

Institute of Shamanic Medicine


Ajna - Place of Intuition, Dreams, and Journeying “WHEN IT COMES TO OUR INTUITION AND OUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES – NATURAL TALENTS THAT ARE INNATE TO US ALL – THERE IS NOTHING MORE HEALING THAN A VIBRANT, IN-TUNE THIRD EYE CHAKRA. HAVING A HEALTHY THIRD EYE CHAKRA CAN ASSIST US IN USING OUR INTUITION AND INSIGHT WITHOUT FEAR AND WITHOUT DELUSION.” NATALIE SOUTHGATE The Third Eye Chakra is called Ajna in Sanskrit. Ajna translates as both to perceive and to command. Ajna is considered to be the home of intuition, intellect, and is the master chakra. The master chakra is: The place of inner vision Where dreaming and journeying occurs Governor of sight and visual recall Where memories are stored Centre of perception (intuition) Your imagination The Third Eye is located in the middle of your forehead, just above and between your brows. Watch this video that explains the properties of the Third Eye https://youtu.be/tl2Y1qwsNZQ The Third Eye dance of intuition is a dance of altered states of consciousness achieved through trance-dance. During this workshop you go to your intuitive mind, release the physical, and enter the realm of imagination. This workshop will open up your psychic abilities and connect you to the collective consciousness. It also opens doors to other dimensions, possibilities, dreams, journeying, and allows you to access your powers of imagination. Chakradance TM is a multi-modality healing therapy. for more information on it, please go to our website: https://www.samariasspiritual.guru We are offering an earlybird discount until January 31st of 25% off the non-member price. Starting February 1st the cost of the workshop will be $46 for non-members.

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Journey to the Throat Chakra

Institute of Shamanic Medicine


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