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COVID-19 PROTOCOL: Any Baby Boomer attending an "In Person" Baby Boomer Events must comply with the terms and conditions imposed at the time by Alberta Health Care. Each Baby Boomer acknowledges that he/she has reviewed the Government of Alberta recommendations regarding COVID-19 and the risks of exposure to that virus. Each Baby Boomer is attending any or all events posted by the Calgary Baby Boomers solely at their own risk and promises to save and hold harmless Meetup, The Calgary Baby Boomers and its Organizers from any and all COVID-19 related legal claims arising from their attendance at any such event posted by the Calgary Baby Boomers. Each Baby Boomer acknowledges that he/she has had an opportunity to seek independent legal advice with respect to the terms and responsibilities of their agreement with this undertaking.

Not withstanding the minimum standards imposed by AHS, going forward, in order to sign up for ANY Baby Boomer event, you MUST have had BOTH vaccines and MUST have completed the 2 weeks to achieve full immunity. Do not sign up if you do not meet this criteria.

Boomers may choose to organize and meet at their own risk and may use our discussion board for that purpose. No business advertising is allowed on the Baby Boomers site.

This MeetUp Group is open to all Calgary and area Baby Boomers (couples and/or singles), who want to meet other Boomers for coffee, wine, dinner, a movie, to walk, run, dancing and/or participate in other fun activities. There are many MeetUp Groups in Calgary, but this one is exclusively for us Baby Boomers.  Our thanks to Ann for being our Founder and for continuing to be a Calgary Baby Boomer.

So let's connect with each other, socialize and have fun. Let's seek out interesting and enjoyable events to attend in Calgary and surrounding areas. Any Boomer can suggest an event (and please do), but only events that have a 3 YES RSVP's, a specific location, date, time and description will be posted.  We are all passionate about something, so please share your passion with our group.

There is no charge to be a Calgary Baby Boomer and there is typically no Baby Boomer "Group Fee" to attend the events that we organize, but it is very important to note that each Boomer is responsible for their own "tab" AND for the tabs of their guests and for any individual costs associated with any event that you choose to attend (admission fee and parking, if any, food and beverage, merchandise, travel costs etc).

If you cannot attend an event that you said "YES" to in your RSVP, you must change your RSVP to "NO" PRIOR to the event. Events are hard enough to plan and there is an expectation that, when we take time to go to an event, the Boomers who said that they would be there are actually there for the event.

When you apply to join the Baby Boomers, you will be asked to register and you will receive a request by e-mail or cell phone to confirm that the registration actually came from you. Your personal contact information will not be shared with any third party without your written consent.

1. You must use your real name (first only, first and initial or first and last) and upload a clear profile photo of you. There are no anonymous Boomers. This is a safety issue. IF YOU REPLACE YOUR PROFILE PHOTO WITH A CARTOON, ANIMAL OR OTHER "NON-YOU" PHOTO, YOU WILL BE WARNED. YOU WILL HAVE THREE DAYS TO UPLOAD A PHOTO OF YOU OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP. 
2. Each Boomer is always responsible for their own "tab" AND for the "tabs" of their guests.  Any Baby Boomer who leaves the Group "on the hook" for their tab or costs and does not make it good within a few days after an event will be banned.
3. We are a social event based meetup group for Baby Boomers (typically born between 1946 and 1964), so please, no political discussions or religious debates, no flaming, personal attacks or aggressive tones in messages**,** posts and/or e-mail.  There are other groups for politics and religion.
4. If you RSVP "YES" but cannot attend, you must change your RSVP to "NO" at least a few hours PRIOR to the event, especially for events that have a waiting list.
5. If you RSVP "YES" to a Boomer event and "YES" to another event organized by any other MeetUp Group at the same time, you will be removed from the Boomer event. "YES" means "yes" and it is not fair to just "hold a spot", especially one that another Boomer may have wanted to use.
6. Boomers are NOT permitted to use the "e-mail members" function to send UNSOLICITED and/or inappropriate messages to other Boomers for any purpose and/or to promote their business activities. You must have the approval (in person, Zoom or verbal) of a Baby Boomer before sending them an online e-mail/message.
7. If you receive an inappropriate message, you MUST take a screen shot and send it to an Organizer. We will NOT entertain "hearsay". We need to actually see it before we will act on it.
8. Have fun and play nice. There will be zero tolerance for abuse and inappropriate behavior and an offending Baby Boomer may be banned at the sole discretion of the Organizer. And remember, always drink responsibly and arrive alive.
CALGARY BABY BOOMERS and its organizers are not and will not be held responsible for any loss or damages, which you may suffer from your activities during a posted event or for any personal meetings or contacts outside of Meetup or Facebook. YOU understand and agree to join our BABY BOOMERS Meetup Group entirely at your own risk.

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