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First created in 2006, this group is focused on sharing the natural environment with group-minded people for year-round activities from walks to scrambles, to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, appreciate the company, and occasionally socialize off-trail. As of end of 2016, I've organized about 240 trips through Meetup and enjoyed/led hundreds more outside of Meetup.

We will also encourage our members to learn about conservation issues and provide their input into issues affecting our natural places.

Our trips tend to be smaller groups and slower-paced (but of course pace is relative). No-shows are bad!

I'm trying to keep it informal and friendly. At the same time, I'm trying to create a certain kind of group: there are a bunch of rules, guidelines, and a waiver. Read the whole trip description please.

Be prepared, be safe, and care for yourself, each other, and the environment.

Please read the waiver and other documents under Pages (https://www.meetup.com/CalgaryHikingMeetup/about/).

Want to be an organizer? Read the topic in the Discussion board.


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