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The Calgary Libertarian Meetup Group Monthly Meetup
**Every fourth Tuesday of the month!** These days we are meeting at Brewsters on 11th Ave. It's pretty good. Tuesdays are cheap wing nights, so you can eat lots of chicken and chat about libertarian stuff... or whatever! We generally use the long table immediately to the right of the entrance. Look for the reserved table. We hope you'll join us -- the people are alright and the conversations are interesting!

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What we're about

Do you ever feel like the arteries of Canada are clogged with a little too much STATE? Then you should join the Calgary Libertarian Meetup Group for a quadruple bypass of LIBERTY!

There is no better way to meet fellow libertarians in Calgary.

We hold a variety of regularly scheduled events, including lecture and pub nights.

This group is a chance for libertarians of all ages and backgrounds to get to know some like-minded individuals and mutually expand their knowledge.

We love talking about economics, business, philosophy, entrepreneurship, culture, investing, politics, law, international travel, foreign affairs, and more! As we deepen our understanding of the ethics and economics of liberty, we also seek practical solutions for individuals and society to find freedom in an unfree world.

"Libertarian" might mean different things to different people. There are classical liberals, anarchocapitalists, paleoconservatives, and more. We're a diverse group with a lot of different intellectual backgrounds.

To get an idea of where most of our sympathies lie, we like:

• Libertarian ethical philosophy

• Free market economics

• Peace

• Private property

We don't like:

• Taxation

• War

• Central banking

• Fascism

• Socialism

• Imperialism

We are building a network of people who want a freer world. We welcome you to share your best ideas about human liberty.

So check out some of our upcoming events, and come join us for some good times!


The Calgary Libertarian Meetup Group is not associated with any political party, including the Libertarian Party of Canada. There are some members of the group who are involved with the party, but mostly we take a "non-partisan" approach to life.

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