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If you wish to join our group, first request to join then contact Patricia via email calgarywomenlearning@gmail.com. Please do not use the message system on the meetup website.

I've met so many lovely people. We are so lucky to have found you and this group. I can't thank you enough for all you do." Carey

”I have never had so much fun in such a short time with a great bunch of ladies. I know that this group and all you lovely ladies will provide me with so many beautiful memories to carry with me wherever I go in life. You have a pretty wonderful organizer in Patricia who does everything from the heart.” Annie

”This is a great group for making new friendships, finding fun and interesting activities that appeal to many tastes, and, if you need it, support from women who understand. I've met so many great people and heard their amazing stories! Many thanks to Patricia for being such a creative and dedicated organizer. " Catherine

What are the ingredients of wisdom? Psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman identify five markers: creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning, and perspective.

This group is for women 45+ who are mature, positive, intellectually curious, open minded and who value learning.

Lifelong learning has tremendous benefits, both in your personal and professional lives; joining our group will afford you a multitude of opportunities to increase your knowledge, stimulate your brain, participate in meaningful conversations, keep yourself current and well informed, adapt to change, explore and discover, enrich your life, increase your self-confidence, laugh, and connect with like-minded women who share your passion for learning and personal growth.

I am an experienced and creative organizer who will offer a variety of unique and interesting workshops, lectures, talks and discussions. Topics include current events, health and wellness, law, communication, science and nature, positive aging, art, history, fashion and makeup, readings, videos, documentaries, metaphysics, and more. You will also have the opportunity to meet many interesting members of our community.

New members are vetted prior to being accepted into the group in the same way that new members evaluate the group to determine if it satisfies their own criteria. We view this as a positive and vital part of the group's success as not everyone will be a good fit for any particular group.

Our events will be held mostly evenings and weekends. Daytime events will be offered if there is enough interest.

Please be aware this is not a networking group and members cannot promote their businesses within the group.

Note that this group only offers educational type events as described above or similar events.

"This is a great group. Really a bright spot for women to get out and mix it up with lots of fabulous women. Patricia , our organizer, is the hardest working, most dedicated leader I have met in a long time. You could not go wrong being a member of this group." Jennifer

”This is what I love most about this group, it is a conduit for a group of talented, amazing and beautiful women to connect! ”

” Thank you Patricia, without your vision and creativity this would just be another group. You have created a special place for women to share an experience, to learn something new, and most of all to meet other women. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and creativity. Joining this group has been very meaningful to me!! "

"Great time, lots of laughs, comfortable surroundings, excellent food and very honest sharing. I had a great time. We cheered Patricia with our beautiful tea cups and thanked her for all her hard work. THANKS! "

"What a wealth of warm, funny and generous spirits! " Laura

"I dragged myself to the party thinking I'm too tired, cranky, and don't have anything to say as usual. I left feeling energized once again by the absolutely amazing women in this group. It was very different from the Newcomers group I recently went to but the end result was the same: interesting, intelligent women having a good time and making real connections."
I really enjoyed myself and look forward to more outings. The ladies I meet were interesting, full of fun and all in the same mindset as I... To meet new people in a safe environment and perhaps make another life long friend. "

"There is something for everyone in this group! The variety is endless, the events are always well organized, and there are a great many of them to choose from. You can attend as few or as many as you want. The large
membership ensures that you are always meeting new ladies! I thoroughly recommend it!" Wendy

"I'm really glad I joined this group! It provides so many opportunities to get out and meet some really nice people and lots of options for things to do. I love the morning coffees which are usually smallish groups with lots of lively conversation. Canasta is fun too, even if you've never played before the ladies make you feel like you fit right in. Patricia is a great organizer and really puts her heart into it. She's always posting new activities that may be very meaningful and helpful if you're going through a difficult time, or others are just fun and adventurous if you're a little bored." Karen

"Hi Patricia. Thank you so much for the invitation to join your wonderful group. I really admire the amazing variety of activities you manage to provide, they almost are overwhelming in scope. The words of inspiration you have sent out just in recent days are extremely inspiring and really speak to me. You are running a class act." Teresa

"Really appreciate the hard work you put into the group and love the experience of meeting new people which I avoided for years. Thanks Patricia." Leslie

"So much to choose from ... don't know how Patricia does it!" Susan

"I think the group is awesome!!! Such a wide range of activities and women. And as an incredible add-on are Patricia's quotes and photos. Thank you for bringing new activities and friends as an adjunct to my wonderful life." RoseMarie

"I just wish I'd found it sooner! Congratulations on such an active group with diverse activities." Carol

"I think it is a great idea and I like that it is only for women over 45. There are a lot of different things you can do and attend. Thank you Patricia for all your hard work." Gail

"Super group - I really enjoy the almost constant stream (and the wide range) of interesting activities and events and the opportunity to meet so many women with whom I can form friendships." Carol B

”The range of activities available to members is exceptional and well organized and planned. We are very fortunate to have such a creative, organized, and knowledgeable organizer.”

“ I am very excited and honoured to be part of this group! It was great to meet each of you unique and interesting ladies. I'm looking forward to doing some fun activities and getting to know you better. Thank you Patricia for your hard work in setting this all in motion! ” Jan L

“ The social events such as dinners and pub gatherings are a lot of fun but I also enjoy the educational talks and tours. Patricia puts her heart and soul into finding out what's going on in the city. ” Helen

”The Calgary Women’s Friendship Group gathers like-minded women to explore new interests in an inviting social circle. Patricia sources social, informative and fun activities for this group. The sheer number and variety of activities reflects dedication and passion for continued success. I sincerely appreciate getting to know women and to come together to share stories and laughter, and to learn from our varied backgrounds and experiences. I truly enjoy being in an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and kindness.” Pat S.

"May I also take this opportunity to thank you so much for all of the hard work that you do for the group. You always have such a wide variety of things for us to do so I want you to know how much I have appreciated all of the wonderful outings that I experienced with the group last year. Thank you Patricia, it was all because of you." Susan

"Lovely group. I have done a lot of learning in this group, met great people and experienced things I would not have otherwise tried. Thanks Patricia." Jennifer

"For me it fills a much needed niche in my life. Being able to socialize with other women, a wide variety of events to choose from, daytime, evenings, weekends has removed any fear of being isolated or disinterested in life. It is well organized and very easy to use the on-line signup. Thank you Patricia! ”

“I have found the community of ladies I've met at the events very welcoming and open to newcomers. I'm a relatively new member but so far I'm really enjoying being a member of this group. The range of activities available to members is exceptional and well organized and planned. We are very fortunate to have such a creative, organized, and knowledgeable organizer. I look forward to enjoying all the opportunities to experience new activities while in the company of like minded ladies!! ” Kim

Ever since joining Calgary Women Friendship Group 6 months or so ago I would like to add these are the happiest days of my life again... I am more stimulated, busier and having more fun, fun, fun. Remember what Cyndi Lauper sang all those years ago .. "girls just wanna have fun" ~ and by having fun I think we are helping each other ! Plus I have found friends who are amazing supporters, teachers, and sisters (if I may) who are in a sense a beautiful family! Thank you for everything you do for us Patricia and Thank you for letting me be a part of a great team :) Danusha


Profoundly curious —  delightfully, expectantly, deliciously, assiduously curious … Unyielding in our pursuit of knowledge, and of truth. We are hungry for novelty, and the heady feelings associated with learning deeply and widely. It is life-giving. Soul food. — P. Susan Jackson, Author

Place yourself among those who carry on their lives with passion, and true learning will take place, no matter how humble or exalted the setting. — Kent Nerburn

The content itself — happiness, flow, meaning, love, gratitude, accomplishment, growth, better relationships — constitutes human flourishing. Learning that you can have more of these things is life changing. Glimpsing the vision of a flourishing human future is life changing. — Martin Seligman

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