Let's do Saline Valley before El Nino!

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I'm crossposting this with 3 other hot spring groups so we should have no problem getting people, as long as we have enough 4wd's. I'm driving up from l.a. so depending on the road conditions we can all meet up at south or north pass.


If you want to take over organizing for north Cal PPL, please add yourself.

It's confirmed that El Nino will be the biggest on record... which means it may destroy the roads or snow enough that all visitors can't go until next summer. So my thought is, we better go soon before the storms hit!

Anyways, Saline Valley is pretty remote as is, so we will have to bring everything we need. We should have at least two 4X4 vehicles. I'm crossposting this with 3 other hot spring groups so we should have no problem getting people, as long as we have enough 4wd's. So the more trucks/Suv's we have, the more people can go. Usually high clearance 2wd are okay depending on the road conditions. Regardless, if you are thinking about driving it's good to have 4 good tires and a solid spare.

Even though this is remote car camping, there is an outdoor hot spring shower and immaculate pit toilets! Yes I said immaculate. Girls always rave about it! Not kidding! Once we leave Big Pine, there will be NO services until we return 3 days later. There will be no gas, water, food or any other service other than what we carry for 3 days. I will have an emergency 5 gallon container of gas and will be bring 10 gallons of water, but each individual or group should plan on meeting their own needs. Although we are car camping, please pack as light as possible, like you're backpacking. We will be in the hot spring most of the time so you don't need to pack 3 pairs of pants, etc. Most of the weight should be food. I will have a Coleman stove for group use as well as a backpack stove to heat water. I will also bring a folding table. If you have a folding chair, bring it. We should try to share as much as possible. =)



A link to the weather for Saline Valley is below. Rain in the valley could be snow at North or South Pass limiting our ability to get in (or out). When it snows here, travel is difficult. They do not plow the snow on the dirt (50 miles) portion of Saline Valley Road. If rain or snow is forecast, it is likely I will go to plan B. Will update accordingly http://www.salinedv.com/camp-site-info.html


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