Shade Tree Planting Project @ Lake Cunningham Park, San Jose


In this session, the third of three sessions, we will plant 30 native trees in Lake Cunningham Park after the irrigation system is in place. These trees will provide shade along the Inner Lake Path, create habitat for wildlife, and beautify the park with foliage and fall color. The trees include Valley Oak, White Alder, California Black Walnut, Fremont Cottonwood, and Big-leaf Maple.

The work involves digging holes, planting trees, filling in, installing stakes and ties, and thorough watering. The work will be supervised by park staff. No previous experience is necessary.

If this is your first time in this park, follow directions precisely at the link below else you will get lost.

Meet in the native garden parking lot at 9am sharp. We will move to the planting area after 9:10 am.