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FIRST THING TO DO IS READ THIS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, questions will be answered all the way through, Important ones sprinkled around here and there. Take notes if necessary.

Yeah it's a little long but important.

This group is for anyone, ANY WHERE with a quad, sidexside or sand Rail or OHV. Not just Central California, we want members everywhere, this gives us more and better options to get out and be free.

We're 10 years old now, have some of the greatest people there are as members. If you don't get out and ride with us you'll never know that. Your loss. You could have made some fantastic friends. Don't be bashful, we're not. You'll never meet anyone if you don't get out there and do it. And it's a requirement here.

This is a family friendly group, kids love to ride too and not just on a track. Get out see some beautiful places and maybe a critter or two.

Once you've shown your a real participating member I'll make you a "Event Organizer" and your more than welcome to schedule a event. Just ask me and I'll gladly give you the ability. When posting a ride You might consider a "FYI" rating for the ride like. Beginner or Child friendly, Novice, Experienced, Technical, or 4 Wheel Drive Suggested or Required. Rocky, Sandy, Dusty, Hot, Cold and so on. Make sure you're prepared for whatever the conditions may be and then some. All ways try to prepare for the unexpected. You wont regret it.

If you heard of someplace, but can't go or someone's going some place and wouldn't mind some company, "Post it!" someone else may want to go, or maybe you've been there and can clue us in on what it's like. Like Camp Ground type, amenity's, actual address's help when ever possible. GPS Cords can be a little off the mark but fixable with a phone call.


Everyone is responsible for themselves. Know your ability's. Be aware of your surroundings, there's always the risk of getting hurt. This can be a dangerous sport. You bought a machine that has no feelings, it don't care whether you can handle it or not. It can do what ever your not ready for and leave you laying in the dirt, sand or rocks and never feel anything about it. And medical help can be a long ways off.

Use your head for more than a place to put your helmet.

REMEMBER, there are others out there to have fun too. Meeting Up is always a good thing, just not head on at full throttle. YOU are in control of you, and YOU are responsible for your actions. Just make sure you can keep a grip on your machine. Anywhere you go can get you hurt at any speed. Know you and your machines limits and have a grand time.

This February 1st, 2017, there will be a couple changes.

One. I will go back to booting non participants after 4 months, PAID or Not, and there's no refund.

You don't have to ride (but what was the point of joining an active riding group) You do have to stop by the Home Page once in a while, don't care if you say anything or not. But it will show you do stop in, and that's showing some participation though it's not what I had in mind.

Your always able to rejoin anytime as long as you weren't kicked out for being mean. Then your Banned.

Got gotta be pretty darn special to get Banned.

Two. I will be re-implementing our membership dues of $12 per year or $6 every 6 months through the site. The site cost us just under $90 every 6 months. This isn't to make money for anyone but the group. To help pay for the site. Any extra funds will be used for group events. Be it refreshments, food or if there's enough maybe we can take over a ride out camp ground like Walker River Resort or someplace similar. You don't participate your loss. Guaranteed that all money will be spent before the end of the year as I'm not willing to pay taxes on having fun. You ever want to see what the money situation is all you have to do is click on the "group Tools" at the right hand side of the home page and scroll down to "Money" and click on it. You'll see everything there is to see and how it got there and or where it went.

You have any Question please feel free to give me a call.

Herman 916-202-4376 or hrmnzsplce@comcast.net

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