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This group is for intuitives and artists, spiritual and creative folks who want to learn and grow and expand their consciousness through art, creative exploration and spiritual, metaphysical and intentional living classes, workshops, events and networking.

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Psychic Readings with Zoe Kelly

Calling All Angels

Zoe Kelly is the House Reader here at Calling All Angels. She is at the shop every Friday and every other Saturday for drop-ins and appointments and is available by appointment throughout the week. Call us at[masked] to book your appointment. Zoe describes herself as a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Psychic and Energy Healer. She has more than 24 years experience working as a psychic, including eight and a half years working with various law enforcement agencies, helping to solve crimes. Her experience in the past also includes having been the "Resident Psychic" for Denver's KBPI 106.7 FM radio station. Zoe is a published author and will soon release her own Viking Tarot deck, "Hammer of the Gods." In Zoe's words, "her guides help shift people’s consciousness from the old way of thinking and believing into the New Earth paradigm and helps navigate the waters of that transition. By bridging and guiding this transition, she assists others to create the life they desire and let go of their false belief patterns. She helps YOU to help yourself and move forward without fear. She is well respected and known for her gift of having the perfect analogy and teaching Divine communication."

Learn to Read Tarot with Donna

Calling All Angels

Learn to Read Tarot - Beginner's Class *** Purchase this class at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/learn-to-read-tarot-with-donna-tickets-53773559163 *** Tarot isn't that big of a mystery, but you probably want to learn some basics before you really start reading, for yourself or others. This class is geared towards beginners, with little to no previous experience with Tarot. This class will take you through the basics of the Tarot deck and how to do readings intuitively. We will meet for 5 weeks on Fridays (January 4th - February 8th) from 4-6 pm. Week 1 will be a basic overview of the Tarot and we'll talk about how to learn to read using your intuition. For the next 3 weeks, we'll go through the deck together and learn about card meanings and how to use the deck without memorizing! The final class will cover Tarot spreads and how to use different spreads for different types of readings. We'll also have time to practice! At the end of the 5 weeks, if there is interest, we can set up future "practice" days! The fee for this class is $125 for the entire 5 weeks and includes Donna's "Psychic Medium Channel Everyday Guide to Tarot" and her Tarot Spreads handbook, as well. Donna graciously provides support via email for all of her students, even after the class is over. The Tarot deck that we will use for this class is The Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck. Donna asks that each student have their own copy of this specific deck so that everyone in the class will be on the same page. They are available to purchase at the shop or you can bring your own copy. There are limited spots available, so purchase your class in advance, while there is still room! You can also purchase the class in advance at the shop.

Love and Life 2019 - Messages from Spirit

Calling All Angels

Purchase tickets for this event at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/love-and-life-2019-messages-from-spirit-tickets-55047241782 Join noted Psychic Mediums David Deutsch, Dannyel Galindo and Sarah Paige for an amazing night of gallery-style messages about the new year ahead! This psychic trio will use their gifts in receiving information from angels and guides, sprits and a variety of cards including Tarot, Oracle and Poker Deck to answer your questions. New Career? New Love? Promotion, Raise or Bonus? Ask! Advice from the Angels and your Guides? Ask! We're looking forward to an evening of fun, laughter and answers. Get your tickets in advance for $50. $60 day of. **All seating will be on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the number of people attending, no attendee is guaranteed a spiritual message.

Sarah Paige, Psychic Medium - Private Readings

Calling All Angels

Psychic Medium, Sarah Paige offers private readings at Calling All Angels every other Saturday from 11 to 4. She is one of the top rated mediums in the Denver Area. Sarah conducts readings by appointment ONLY, so call us to secure your spot. [masked]. Sarah is a simple, big-hearted, part-time office manager who comes from a large Italian family (yes, they’re loud), knows the Denver Broncos rule, and happens to communicate with those who have passed away. She is a claircognizant, clairvoyant, and an empath and also practices psychometry, where she receives messages and information by holding an object. Her readings may include the use of Angel Oracle cards or a regular deck of poker cards (the original tarot). As a medium, Sarah loves bringing messages from angels, guides, and departed loved ones to her clients. She utilizes her gifts in private, semiprivate, and group readings. She has also assisted in police investigations and recently worked on two missing persons cases. Sarah credits God for her gifts and believes they are to be used to bring peace to those she reads. Her hope is that all her clients gain some insight, have a good laugh, receive some direction or answers and at the very least, have an understanding shoulder to cry on when they receive any or all of these things. Sarah’s rates are $100 for 50 minutes and $60 for 25 minutes. Call the shop to make an appointment![masked]

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