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Take some time to relax, have fun, and awaken to your Sublime Divinity. As women walking this Earth, we are beginning to renew our commitment to the sacred journey of the Divine Feminine. Of course the Creator is beyond gender. But while we are in this realm, we do well to recognize the value of sisterhood.

This Goddess Journey, this Goddess Lifestyle is about reclaiming the sacred in ourselves & in our lives. It's about reclaiming ourselves, our bodies, our Goddess Vision & getting the support we need to blossom. What is your Goddess Vision?

As a Goddess Facilitator & Life Coach for 20+ years, I continue to feel called to support women's spiritual awakening. Feminine spirituality is quite different from the masculine ways. Together, we may complement each other; but first we must know ourselves.

Through this group for women, you will be offered events in the Del Mar to Carlsbad area of North County San Diego. Sometimes destination retreats elsewhere. Mostly we sponsor women-only events. Sometimes, men & women. But this group is for women members only. Coaching by phone, 1:1 is always available for men & women, who want to focus Honoring the Feminine.

Cultivating your Goddess Vision is a smart investment to move your Life forward on this sacred path of Goddess Awakening & Empowerment. You are here to express at your highest potential, to live in Joy, knowing that the Universe is expanding through you, as you.

Today, we mostly live in male-oriented societies and benefit by gathering together with like-minded people, to share, to learn, to discuss new ideas, and practice new techniques of empowered self-expression, at home & in the world. Finding safety for our feelings, developing our thinking, exploring the infinite possibilities; this is, The Emerging Goddess Journey.

We sponsor these events & coaching programs to help channel more Divine Feminine Wisdom onto the planet. Together, we are making this world a better place.


"Your Feminine Radiance (http://YourFeminineRadiance.com)" is a program to focus on your well-being.

If you are ready for Your Feminine Radiance coaching, CLICK HERE (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/ESJwNx) to focus on your well-being.

"Dating Him for Keeps (http://DatingHimForKeeps.com)" focuses on your relationship goals.

If you would like to enroll for one-on-one coaching, for my Dating Him for Keeps, CLICK HERE. (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/gmEKSb)

"Goddess Bliss (http://GoddessBliss.com)" brings men & women together so you can experience men as allies.

If you would like to get one-on-one Goddess Coaching now, CLICK HERE (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/iPFuap) to request a free intro call.


Goddess Bliss on Ning (http://GoddessRising.Ning.com) - men & women

If you would like to explore these ideas in a GODDESS BLISS group of men & women, CLICK HERE! (http://GoddessRising.Ning.com)

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