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Cultivating Self-Regulation WITH Your Spirited Child
Is your child intense with their attention (either in a way that's extroverted or introverted), irregular when it comes to staying on a daily schedule, moody, perceptive, easily distracted, very persistent, sensitive, over-stimulated, or uncomfortable with change? It's natural for all children to express any or most of the aforementioned traits, to varying degrees. What tends to differentiate a spirited child from others is the degree and frequency to which these characteristics appear in their behavior. It matters less whether you can identify your child as "spirited" or not, and more that certain skills be cultivated for your child to experience states of inner and outer balance (with environments and experiences). When a child is out of balance, they are said to be "dis-regulated", therefore, learning how to self-regulate will allow your spirited child to manager their emotions, adapt to situations and be resilient during times of challenge. WOULD YOU LIKE TO: * Bring more harmony between individual temperaments in your family. * Invite greater clarity and calm during emotional situations. * Support your child in connecting with themselves and others more deeply. Spirited children have great gifts to share, and their greatest challenges are discovering the personal strategies that both honor their sensations and emotions, and recognize the impact of their external expression. IN THIS WORKSHOP, CHILDREN AND PARENTS WILL: * Gather life-changing perspectives on how the brain works. * Learn ways to self-regulate through movement, song, breath and visualizations. * Discover fun tools for communicating emotional experiences in healthier ways. All lessons will be directed towards children, with concepts conveyed through age-appropriate language, games and imagery. Parents will be part of the playful learning so they may encourage the use of these tools and activities beyond our time together. I will offer tools that synthesize practices from resources such as “The Highly Sensitive Child”, “Indigo Children”, Integral Parenting, Heart-Mind Education, Musical Mindfulness, MBSR for Youth, Next Generation Yoga, Pediatric Healthcare Yoga, Every Kids Yoga for Special Needs, and Intuition Medicine. Please RSVP to be kept in the loop on the upcoming dates and locations of this workshop.

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