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Napolean Hill's "Master Mind Principle" build a group of like-minded people to work together with and share ideas. I'm not going to wait to finish the books I have been reading in order to implement the lessons in them and you shouldn't either. Because if you're anything like me and you dislike reading you might possibly never finish them.

Learn from your mistakes but also learn from other people's mistakes.
Priceline Hotels was invented by watching how a grocery store invented a system that would allow the about-to-expire produce to be sold cheaper rather than just losing the revenue. Imagine if Jay Scott just simply shrugged off the idea "what does the vegetable industry have to do with the hotel industry?" Do not simply shrug off the crypto and blockchain. We are learning now that those who shrugged of the internet as just a "fad" are now out of business or on the brink of shutting down.

Maybe you're a business owner that's been thinking of implementing blockchain or cryptocurrency payments into your business. Or maybe you are a coder or programmer or developer of blockchain tech. Or maybe you might not even know or care about crypto but you are a well-seasoned small business owner. MAYBE you're just an early adopter/investor who doesn't care much for business but you are looking to spread awareness. Maybe you are just a starting out entrepreneur. Or you're just someone interested in crypto. Or you might be someone who has never even thought of opening their own business and never even heard of cryptocurrencies.

Micheal Gerber said it best. "Ray Croc was 52 when he founded Mcdonald's before that he was selling milkshake mixers! And he was a horrible salesman! What did he know about a business before then? NOTHING."

I know there are many talented and up an coming programmers and coders here in Northern Va. Who knows maybe you have no knowledge of blockchain but after reading this you do some research and find out you have a hidden natural talent for it. I was shocked to find out Dan Larimer the creator of Steemit, Bitshares, and (currently, today, as I edit this 1/23/2019, is the number 5 biggest market cap crypto coin) EOS coin were all founded in Blacksburg Virginia.

As Elon Musk explains it. Nikoli Tesla was by far, the superior inventor over anyone else in his time, and arguably of ALL time. But without the entrepreneurial side of Thomas Edison's brilliant marketing skills; most of Tesla's greatest inventions were never brought out to the mass market.

Of course, Tesla couldn't have cared any less about money and profit. And he could've cared less when all his inventions were stolen and were making fortunes and in return, he received absolutely nothing. I do not know if there is a better system out there than Capitalism but I know it is the best we have now and it cannot be ignored. Like Micheal Gerber again wrote "You can't ignore the financial accountabilities, the marketing accountabilities. You can't ignore the need for responsible management, you need to understand the way business works, you need to understand the dynamics of a business-cashflow, growth, customer sensitivity, competitive sensitivity, and so forth."

So this will be a group for businesses owners and entrepreneurs who spend thousands and spend even more hours to perfect their craft of marketing, management, and business all around. AND for early crypto investors, economist, traders, and coders/programs who spend even more time in their field mastering their own skills. You can ask the coders and investors of what they think and return they can do the same and together we can build this new economy and bring forth the third revolution after the agricultural, industrial.

This isn't strictly crypto. In order to implement crypto into business, we must know plain entrepreneurship with or without crypto first. So some days we might just discuss straight business strategies and ideas without even mentioning crypto. Other days we might discuss mostly crypto and how this could possibly be used in our businesses or economy.

And quick disclaimer - I am not a crypto expert nor elite entrepreneur yet, this disclaimer might not be here in 2-3 years but for now, I will tell you I lost everything I ever put into crypto. I have made so many mistakes and even now I am fighting off the urge to sell my car so that I could use the money to buy Bitcoin. If not for my many harsh, brutal, and very expensive lessons I would have already had that thing sold. Same goes with my many failed business ventures.

I know the reason I failed was that I could not be just a tiny bit patient enough to invest into education first, whether it was Crypto or business I did not network or self educate and instead just jumped straight in going all or nothing and leaving with nothing every time.

Finally, I learned my lesson. And finally, I now invest in education first with what little bit I have left. I buy trading, business, and contracting courses, I read books and have a binder full of notes. I spend hours on youtube watching 2-4 hour long interviews and replaying them 2-3 times. I spend hours more watching other entrepreneurial material. I would NEVER do this before. And it can and does get very boring doing all this alone.

It's true what Rudyard Kipling said "Those who travel the fastest travel alone"

But a ted talk once explained "Those who travel with company travel twice as far"

Let me tell you my crypto and business goals. And you can tell me yours. Then we can discuss our goals and business ideas, then group discuss it, argue over it, fight over flaws, think of scenarios and legal obstacles and come up with a plan of action.

My ultimate goal is to switch over my small business over to crypto ONLY payments starting at the beginning of 2020.

Okay first.
I will have a short story about me here first, and how I got to this goal and will have the long story posted at the bottom.
Short story-
I got a client of mine to pay me in Bitcoin for a 15% discount.
After screaming at all my friends and family to invest into Bitcoin for so long with no luck, I was ecstatic to see that this client had invested a good amount into Bitcoin and I didn't even have to say a single word to convince her.
My feelings of joy and excitement, however, were swiftly overshadowed by an extreme sense of urgency to type up a paper with all the needed to know risks, responsibilities and security measure that come with crypto. I have LOST over 35X more money in crypto than I have gained an even fell and lost big on some scams. (if you wanna learn how to trade I can recommend you a course that's $400 and 40 videos each video being 1 hour long and I had to replay each video 7-10 each because it was so confusing, so this isn't a trading group, we can talk about trading sometimes but this isn't the main focus). But I still believe crypto is for the good of humankind and will change our lives just like the internet did. And just like the internet, there are responsibilities and scams to look out for.

I learned that day what I wanted to do with my business and my life.
I believe now it is my responsibility to educate my nova residents client base and provide a real-world use case for crypto in order to bring forth the 3rd revolution after the agricultural and industrial revolutions. I want NoVa residents to be leaders and set the standard for the rest of the world on how the NEW economy and way of Business should be conducted, and for NoVa to become THE blockchain powerhouse of the world.
We do in fact already house 7 of the top 13th richest counties of the whole USA. Why not stay at the top?

I believe pioneering into this space will give us a headstart over the competition. It will also set off a domino effect encouraging other small business to accept crypto. Which will, in turn, make Northern Virginia a BlockChain powerhouse and world leader in the crypto space. I believe crypto can truly bring a win-win situation for both parties and revolutionize healthcare, insurance, donating to causes, judicial and political systems, banking, financing, and end poverty and starvation. (example. Power coin lets you sell your excess solar power for more profit vs selling to a power company, AND you can also buy power for less than buying from a company. ps I invested into it and lost big so don't invest unless you know what you are doing) BIG STATEMENTS but NONE of that will EVER even come close to ever happening if we can't use crypto to simply buy a latte at Starbucks.

So by doing this, I believe it is my duty and responsibility for 2019 to prepare my clients for crypto-only-2020.
I will turn my clients into well-informed crypto confident clients. For this, they must know IN THIS ORDER
1) Crypto Security
2) Crypto Responsibility
3) How to self educate with healthy skepticism.
4) How to Acquire Crypto
5) How to make payments with Crypto

After this, my company will provide a real-world use case for crypto by it becoming our only form of payment accepted.

Thank you for your time. If this is something you've been thinking about or maybe you think this is something totally stupid and you're 100% against. I would love to hear your objections and flaws on why this is wasteful and evil, and you can shoot me a long message which I will respectfully read and reply. If you'd like to know a little bit more about how I got to this goal and more about me l I've written the long story below.

I am nowhere near an elite entrepreneur. I have made far more mistakes than successes for sure.
Luckily my parents have always supported me and they still do so I was never put into a "this has to work" situation. Friends, family, and I ran around with this idea of "business is hard" so I never felt any pressure when failing at all my attempts.

Had I just listened to ONE key piece of advice a long time ago, I know things now would be way different.

I watched a youtube video explaining stocks when I was 16 "you want to fight off the huge urge to jump in, and invest in education before you invest into stocks first"
I knew instantly that was true. But did I actually listen and invest in education? Nope.

Finally, after 6 years at age 22 and many many harsh mistakes. I finally learned my lesson just now. And turns out that piece of advice wasn't just for stocks.

I amassed some pretty big numbers in the stock market but with no education, I didn't keep it. I tried my hand in Instagram affiliated marketing and in retail arbitrage. I spent about $1200 on an Amazon FBA course and some tools. "If it works then Awesome! but if it doesn't, Eh no big deal" having that kind of mentality will of course rarely show results.
I said screw it I'm going back to business school after dropping out and dropped out again after 1 semester.
Instead of buying Bitcoin at $4000 I instead dropped 4K into BITCONNECT and watched as 6 months later Bitcoin soars to $12000 per coin and Bitconnect gets shut down.
I almost took out a student loan to buy into a SCAM ICO even though everyone was screaming its a scam just like bit connect. But I didn't wanna listen.
After peaking at 20k in 2017 I watched Bitcoin fall to 12k "it's on sale" I thought as my dad let me sell his favorite antique truck and I asked the bank for a credit increase. Needless to say, I sold the truck and maxed out my card. As I write this on 1/21/19 Bitcoin is $4000's range.

I fomo bought into many pumps and fell for the many shills on crypto twitter. Still didn't learn.

I watched a youtube video by one of my fav creators keif kalfas. "go to home depot, buy a bucket, a squeegee, some microfiber towels all for around $50 bucks, Boom youre business" so I did just that.
Cleaned 3 strip mall fronts just walking in and asking for $15
Bought some vista print business cards passed them out boom landed a townhouse clean for $270
Got my ladder and bought some power washing attachments "heck I'll just add gutter cleaning AND power washing"
The pay didn't even cover the cost for the extra tools and while I gutter brightened from the ground the friends I hired didn't even clean the gutters. I learned that a week later from the disappointed customer. I learned just now from Micheal Gerber that if your employees suck its because you suck because you have no system in place.

But I digressed
I took out another credit line, bought some very very expensive specialized window cleaning equipment, didn't even have any customers lined up to use it on yet. Bought more business cards and door hangers. Boom somehow managed to land a $700 window cleaning job and the best part was I gave them a 15% discount if they paid in Bitcoin.

From there I knew that I was not going to be jumping around from thing to thing anymore. My parents have run their little lawn care business for 10 years now and it's mind blowing they have made it this far. I believe it is just sheer will power and ignorance. For if they knew how real business works they would've been burned out on the second year. I started taking business more seriously. After watching a simple Dan Lok youtube video I tested his high ticket strategy and I was able to sell jobs at 2-3x the price my parents have been quoting for the same job. We're now able to take more time per job offering more quality and offer better customer service and experience all around. Spent hours watching his videos and learned what took my parents years to learn from just trial and error. Finally, it clicked why you should invest in education before buying that truck, equipment, stock or anything first.

This is where I stand now. I finally spend on education first and take it seriously. I spent only a couple hundred dollars on a trading course instead of throwing Ks into the crypto market and WOW if only I've done this sooner. I spent a good amount on business systems Bootcamp course and WOW if only we did this 9 years ago.

Of course now after losing so much and failing so much I have nothing left to invest in education. Accepting the fact that I pretty much wasted my time and effort and big amounts of money WHEN it could have ALL been avoided had I just picked up a book by Michael Gerber or watched a couple entrepreneurial youtube videos is hard. But now I find it 10X harder to work alone and while I am investing more time in my education and learning more now than my whole formal schooling years combined it can and does get very boring talking to my small circle of people who could care less about business. This is where this group comes in. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if you got this far.

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