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This Motorsport Group is for you because...

- You're the kind of person that is passionate about riding and you love the feeling of freedom when you are on a motorcycle

- Or maybe you enjoy the open road in your sports or classic automobile.

- If you enjoy the extended weekend trips on your motorcycle or car or if you are new to touring and would like to try motorsport roadtrips this MeetUp Group may be what you are looking for.

- Are you are ready to add some adventure to your motorsport passion. Do you currently ride daily but have always wanted to go on an extended adventure ride?

- Join our successful MeetUp as we expand in include automotive motorsports to our itineraries.

We are Calspeed Moto and we are eager to introduce you to entry level Sport and Adventure touring. We look forward to lively and passionate discussions that will inspire and ignite (or reignite) your desire to get on the road.

Let's build a community of common interest around practical approaches for multi-day rides, we'll talk about what it takes to go on these types of rides, from trip preparation to the best riding routes for specific areas/seasons/climates.

We'll discuss gear, tires, equipment, tools, maintenance, first aid, physical fitness and a host of other topics that either help you prep for a trip.

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