WordPress Meetup in Siem Reap 2017Dec - Show and Tell


This is our first meetup so come out and help discuss future meetup topics and discussions.

This month we will be doing a show and tell where you can show off the awesome projects that you are working on around 3-5 minutes. It doesn't matter if the topic not either related with WordPress or looks great. - Everyone can join if you are interested with WordPress!

If you have anything to share in 10 minutes, please contact to the group organizer.


17:30 Registration & Networking

18:00 Show and Tell (3-5min per attendee)

19:10 "Basic knowledge and useful tips around localized version of WordPress" by Mayo Moriyama

19:20 TBD by TBD

19:30 🍺

🎉Afternoon Coworking 🎉

AngkorHUB (https://www.facebook.com/angkorhub/)

offers free co-working If you can come to the venue in the afternoon!

📷 by

Koukichi Hayami (https://www.facebook.com/hayamikokichi)

from last year's workshop in Siem Reap