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Meeting #33 (online): Machine Learning, Databases and Securing Your EKS!!

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Jon G. and Stephen W.


Hi All,

We're hoping to have two online meetups before Virtual re:Invent kicks off in December. Here's the first!

You may remember that at our last meeting, we had to abandon Danilo Poccia's talk after some lengthy IT problems. The good news is...Danilo's back!

Danilo is AWS's Chief Evangelist (EMEA), and this time (we hope!) he'll be giving the talk planned for the last meeting: "Using Machine Learning Directly From Your Databases". Danilo is a great friend of our User Group and regularly draws a large crowd, so please don't miss this one!

Our second speaker is Sandro Cirulli, co-organiser of the DevOps Oxford meetup group. If you've wondered about the security of your EKS Kubernetes services, he's the one to ask. His talk, "Assessing EKS Security with kube-bench", should help you work out just how secure they are...or not...


19:00 - Welcome and Intros - Steve Wilding (Hydras)/Jon Green (Adeptium)

19:15 - Using Machine Learning Directly From Your Databases - Danilo Poccia (AWS Chief Technical Evangelist - EMEA)

Machine Learning allows you to get better insights from your data. But where is most of the structured data stored? In databases! Amazon Aurora is now natively integrated with Amazon SageMaker, a service providing you with the ability to build, train, and deploy custom machine learning models quickly, and Amazon Comprehend, a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights in text. Let’s see how this integration works!

20:15 - Break

20:30 - Assessing EKS Security with kube-bench - Sandro Cirulli (The Scale Factory, and DevOps Oxford)

This talk introduces the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and how it applies to Amazon EKS, shows how the Center for Internet Security's Amazon EKS benchmark can help assessing security in EKS clusters, and provides a demo of kube-bench, an open source tool for auditing and addressing security issues in EKS clusters. (We LOVE live demos!)

21:15 - Wrap Up and Close - Steve Wilding (Hydras)/Jon Green (Adeptium)

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