June Cambridge Alexa Developers Meetup


We're back!

After the success of the first meetup, we are really excited to announce the first parts of the agenda for the next meetup.

- Networking - A chance to meet your fellow attendees over beer and pizza.

- Welcome to both new and returning Alexa fans.

- Alexa in the News - Rich will review the big stories about Alexa, and "Voice" in general, since the last MeetUp; there's certainly a lot going on!

- Lessons Learned in Voice - Co-Founder & CTO at Operalo, Oscar Merry, talks about a raft of popular voice applications from Ask Life Bot to Panda Rescue, which recently won the Best Skill Designed for the Echo Show in the Alexa Kids Skill Challenge. Be sure to come armed with questions as this man knows his stuff!

- GaaS - Meetup member Steven Goodwin, Founder & CTO at Code with Bolt talks about Grammar as a Service. Guaranteed to be a gas!

- Alexa SDK2 - Last time it was the revised console, this time it's the revised SDK. Bob will present the first in a series of short talks on how Alexa Skill development changes when moving from SDK1 to SDK2. And it HAS changed!

- Networking over drinks at a local pub.

If you would like to showcase any of your skills, please let us know in advance of the session.

As always if you have any agenda ideas for a future meetup, or you would like to speak, please fill in this short Google form


Finally, please make sure that your current Meetup name includes your first and last name, as Amazon requires a list of attendees in advance.

We look forward to seeing you there