• Exploring the Testing Landscape in F# - Ian Russell

    Seminar room 2, Chapel Court

    -- Exploring the Testing Landscape in F# - Ian Russell -- The existence of features such immutability by default, the elimination of nulls and a rich type system make many of the the tests we write in C# redundant as they are prevented by the language itself. This allows us to concentrate on testing things of real business value. In this session you will learn about the rich variety of testing tools and strategies we have in F# and when to use them. About Ian: Experienced developer with over 20 years on the Microsoft stack from VB6, through .Net from 1.1 and laterly in F#. Active in the .Net community for over 10 years from attending alt.net conferences and NxtGenUG, through speaking at user groups and conferences around the UK to running CraftyCoders and Warwickshire.Net user groups. I have been presenting sessions for 10 years and on functional programming for over 5 years to whoever will allow the time to listen and learn. I still consider myself to be an alt.net developer.

  • fsharpConf: free virtual conference

    Needs a location

    Join us online on April 16th 2018 for the live streaming of the second year of fsharpConf, a free virtual event featuring world-class F# experts across the globe. You will see F# in action on a wide range of practical applications. Full details at: http://fsharpconf.com/

  • Enrico Sada's Workshop - Modern F# development using new .NET Sdk

    Eagle Labs Incubator, Barclays Bank, Cambridge CB4 3AZ

    Target audience is mixed: - new developers who want to approach F# from zero, using .NET Core in an xplat environment - experienced F# developers who want to know what are the changes in the new sdk, not just for .NET Core Goal of this workshop is to show the lovely and improved feedback loop for developers, in all common scenarios: - From zero to a new console app, adding dependancies, build it, debug it, and finally the options for deployments (self contained, framework dependent) - From zero to new library, adding tests, create a nuget package, push it to a feed. - How to build and deploy to docker and example web app - A tour of the extensibility of sdk, to add new tools or create a template (based on new .NET Templating) Learn more about Enrico here: https://skillsmatter.com/members/enricosada#about_me

  • Game Jam

    The Centre for Computing History

    We have many prizes to award for the winners, courtesy of Inner Sanctum Collectibles: http://innersanctumcollectibles.com/ Come, judge and play each others creation in a supportive, encouraging and fun environment. You will be taken care of, fed and hydrated throughout the day, all you need to do is come with your creativeness and enjoy yourself. You will be able to design develop and play a game using any language you want, we would love to emphasize the use of Fable, the F# Transpiler to JavaScript. However you can use other languages too, such as C#, Elm and you'll be most welcome etc. A chance to make new friends and team up to work on a project that will be completed in a single day, although you may find you continue to work on it well into the future. There is a small £10 entry fee to pay to the museum, to help cover their charitable costs to the computing community, and to whom we are extremely grateful that they allow us to use their unique setting for this kind of event.

  • Playing nice together: how to use F# in a brownfield project

    Gien Verschatse (@selketjah (https://twitter.com/selketjah)) is coming to Cambridge to share her knowledge and expertise using F# to update a monolith..... Like many companies, our main code base is a C# monolith. Although there is a lot of domain knowledge captured in it, using C# wasn't always the best choice to solve our domain problems. When we discovered F#, we realised that it was a better fit for some of the features we were currently implementing in C#. However, rewriting everything at once in F# would be ineffective. The manual says C# and F# play nice together. So we tried that out, pushing it as far as we could. In this talk I will show you how we used F# in our existing C# monolith. I will talk about the positive and negative effects of our decisions, what I would do differently in the future and whether or not C# and F# do indeed play nice together.

  • Writing a Search Engine - How hard could it be? - Anthony Brown

    5 of the most dangerous words you'll hear a developer say are "How hard could it be?". This talk tells the tale of what happens when you act on the question of "I'm going to write the next Google beater. How hard could it be?" This is the tale of how one person in a few hours is able to write something resembling a search engine thanks to the platform features of Azure and the productivity of F#. We'll see how we're able to use Azure search from F# to easily power our search internals, we'll use MBrace to rapidly find the most popular web pages on the internet and Azure functions to tie everything together to build up APIs and create on demand infrastructure. Add in a healthy mix of queues provided by Azure Service Bus and if you squint hard enough, you might just end up seeing something resembling a search engine. But seriously writing the next Google, just how hard could it be?

  • Redgate: Open House Evening

    Redgate Software

    Working in partnership with OTB Events, Redgate is hosting an Open House Evening on 27th September. The aim being to speak openly and showcase what Redgate’s development teams have been up to so far this year. If you’ve ever wondered what life might be like at Redgate, this is the perfect time to find out. Please come and join us. We’ll be opening our doors from 6pm where you’ll be greeted with a choice of drinks and have the opportunity to speak to lots of people across Redgate. There’ll be a few lightning talks, a fun coding challenge with some exciting prizes (more to come!), and a chance to get competitive in our games room. There’ll be plenty of food, so don’t worry about grabbing dinner beforehand. We’ll have a bespoke menu catering to everyone’s requirements. We’re based over on the Business Park. To help get you here, we'll be laying on transport to and from the venue, with various stops in Cambridge. If this would be useful to you, please let us know Until then, keep up-to-date on plans as they unfold by following us on twitter (https://twitter.com/RedgateOHE).

  • F# OSS Workshops, Hack Day and Game Jam

    The Centre for Computing History

    !DATE HAS CHANGED - 24 SEPT! To take part, all you need is entrance fee (£8) to the museum (it is a charity), enthusiasm, a laptop and the desire to have a lot of fun. Hope to see you there :) If you are interested in making games specially in F# or Elm, we'll be able to help. Make sure you come up with a laptop with the language installed.

  • Discovering Abstractions while building Freya (with Andrew Cherry)

    I'm going to talk about my experience building Freya, from starting with a simple wrapper around a dictionary to spinning off libraries and type systems and experimenting with new abstractions to make data structures, control flow and other aspects more tractable. I'll touch on Freya (more internals than usage) and also Aether, Chiron, Hekate, Hephaestus and Anat (the latter three are not exactly well known!)

  • F# (and .NET) Technology Creators Workshop

    Microsoft Research Cambridge

    Important! You must sign up here for 1 or both days: http://research.microsoft.com/apps/mobile/showpage.aspx?page=/en-US/events/fsharptechnologycreatorsworkshop/ We are excited to invite you to a two day "F# Technology Creators" workshop at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK on 13-14 May, 2016! This is an event specifically for people designing, leading, contributing to F# software technologies, including but not limited to: • The F# Language Design • The F# compiler, service and tools, including Javascript compilers • Open source and cross-platform aspects of F# tooling • F# editing tools • Cloud, mobile and web programming tools using F# as a programmability language • F# testing tools • F# data science programming and scripting • F# design methodology On Friday 13 May the event will feature a broad program of talks, group demos and 1:1 discussion time from a range of F# technology creators. This is a unique chance for F# Tech Creators to spend quality time with other tool and technology creators with very good knowledge of F#: this is an event for F# tech creators, by F# tech creators! On Saturday 14 May we will also have areas for open coding and 1:1 demo sessions. There will be fun too, with a social event on the Friday evening. Registration is open up to a limit of about 40 attendees. We expect all attendees to be F# tech creators or working in a closely related area, so please indicate the F#-related technologies or research projects you contribute to when registering. Some travel grants will be available, please apply by ticking yes under the question 'Do you request a travel grant?' as part of your registration and indicate your circumstances briefly. You will be responsible for organizing your own travel arrangements. (Those with a travel grant will be asked to submit their expenses for reimbursement up to the specified limit at the event and you will be sent an email confirmation with further details on how to do this). For those who can’t attend in person, we tentatively plan to have one session of short 10-15 minute Skype talks/demos. To register for the event please complete and submit the online registration form below by Wednesday 4 May 2016. Please ensure to check your spam folder for an email acknowledging receipt of your submission. Should you have any queries, please contact Lyndsay Upex. We hope you will consider coming!