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There's only three requirements to join this group – you must live in or around Cambridge, be single, and be completely fantastic!

Nothing else matters. Your age, nationality, ethnic composition, job, education, taste in music, favourite food, favourite colour, or sexual preferences: irrelevant! So too is the mechanism by which you became single. You could be divorced, widowed, separated, dumped, dumper, taking “you” time, between partners, or just single – don't care.

It's not that I “don't care” don't care, just that it has no material impact on your eligibility to join the group. You just need to be utterly devoid of girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancee, husband, wife, partner, or significant other. Children and cats don't count, you can have as many of those as you like and still come in. Not sure how I feel about regular access to a “friend with benefits” though, I'm not sure we could truly and honestly call that being single!

Being single could be the best thing that ever happened to you and you're delighted with your status – or it could be blighting your life, cramping your style, and ruining your very existence – again, not a condition for coming in. You just need to be single, utterly fantastic, and living near Cambridge!

So what shall we do, what type of mischief shall we perpetrate?! Well, I'm open to most things, but this is NOT a dating club or knocking shop, and I don't want to find you using events as your own personal speed-dating set-up! This is just a fun place for singles to hang out without fear of encountering predators.

I don't know how you view your participation and commitment here..... but if you're expecting me to organise all the events then a love of Asian food, gin, and comedy & theatre, are really going to help!

Upcoming events (5+)

Singles' big adventure in Ely!

Ely Market

**** NOTE THE DATE CHANGE **** £2 per person, 2 meeting points: * 10:04 train from Cambridge, meet in Caffe Nero from 9:30 * 10:45 Market Square, High Street Ely I know that single people like to do small-group based activities. They occupy our minds and divert us from the crushing misery and soul-destroying despair of our rejection from the entire World dating community. They help us find companionship and solidarity with people who are equally as unloved as we are. Ahem, anyway, back on track – treasure hunts are brilliant, and there's a company called Treasure Trails that have loads of them! I did one of theirs in Cambridge last year and it was awesome: epic turnout and everybody had a fantastic time. I procure the hunt, test-run it in advance & make sure everything works smoothly and I have the correct answers. I also provide chocolate-based prizes for the “most winningest” teams (based on some slightly arbitrary and possibly poorly-devised metrics). There's a £2 charge per person, to cover cost of treasure hunts and chocolate. The day looks like this: * Congregate at Caffe Nero and travel to Ely by train (or other individually convenient method) * Assemble in a cafe (or some other convenient place with cake), TBC * Teams of 4 dispatched at 10 minute intervals * Teams reconvene at a secret location, the identity of which can only be detected by completing the treasure hunt (or by calling my mobile, or simply by looking for places with cake) *Prizes awarded * Other activities that singles might like to do (eat lunch, climb the cathedral, drown our sorrows in gin....) * Everybody goes home, happy and content! Honestly, this plan was a whiff of genius about it, it's clearly a masterpiece!

Ely food and drink festival!


http://www.elyeelfestival.co.uk/foodanddrink/ Have you ever thought that what your bank holiday Sunday **really** needed was access to 75 "artisan" food and drink retailers, an expansive street food scene, amazing celebrity chefs, a beer tent, a gin fizz bar, and easy listening live music, all in the shadow of Ely Cathedral? I quite often think this. And would you believe it - we can make your dreams real! All this and more is available at the Ely Food and Drink Festival. Train from Cambridge is quick easy cheap and reliable, quick march up the hill to the cathedral and we're in business. This was one of the most epic days out I had in the entire of last year. I got a bit sunburned, ate way too much, and possibly might have enjoyed a few too many cocktails (maybe....) but an epic, epic day that you don't want to miss!

Museum of London!

Museum of London

https://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/museum-london If you were wondering what to do with your Bank Holiday Monday, wonder no more! Join us for an exciting adventure at the Museum of London! And, of course, a very tasty meal at China Town! I suggest we catch the 9:42 from Cambridge (meet in Caffe Nero from 9:00), gets us to Kings Cross at 10:34. London, it seems, has enjoyed many notable periods: * Prehistory, when the city was just a muddy pit visited only by huge mammoths and by hairy-arsed savages chucking spears at each other * The Roman period to 410AD, when London became a place but people were still chucking spears about * The post-Roman period[masked]. To be honest, it seems everything fell apart after the Romans left and the city pretty much regressed to a muddy pit * A really bad bit from[masked]. And I mean, really bad. There were wars, everybody caught vile plague disease, and then the whole place burned to the ground * After that, things got a bit better for a while, and the city grew. But then it grew too much, and just got all choked up with stinky shit and more disease * After 1850, people actually built sewers instead of just shitting in the street. It was at about this point that the standards of cleanliness and comfort in London finally started to get back to the Roman standards of 1,500 years previous. But then the city got bombed pretty much back to the Stone Age. * From the 1950s, things got better again. Until Boris was mayor I fancy exploring the Roman period, and possible the plague era. Everybody loves a good plague.

Shappi Khorsandi at The Junction!

Cambridge Junction

https://www.junction.co.uk/shappi-khorsandi Tickets £17, book your ticket directly with the venue before you RSVP. Non-allocated seats, we'll meet in the foyer before the event, go in together & sit together.

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Wagamama Wednesday!

wagamama cambridge

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