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This is a group for anyone in Cambridge interested in new engineering developments and techniques etc. The group is supported by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and is open to all professional members of the IET and anyone interested in engineering and technology. Events and lectures are held during the academic year at the CU Engineering Department, Anglia Ruskin and other venues. A stand is taken at the Science Festival and day trips are organised to engineering venues. You are welcome to attend events and organise events for Engineers and Technicians to attend.

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Lecture Room 0, Cambridge University Engineering Department

Broadband and the internet underlies much of what we do in the modern world – Catchup Video, Streaming, Social Networks, Home-Working, Email, On-line shopping, Smart Homes... This presentation describes their development over 20 years since the dot-com boom, how they are built to handle today’s massive traffic demands and their future evolution to deal with the challenges of IoT, UHD TV and other requirements. Tim Rossiter (CEng, MIET ) helped design some of the optical networks that got it all started in the 90’s and subsequently worked as Core Network Architect for Sky Broadband as they grew from a start up to be the second largest broadband provider in the UK.

Satnav: Are we dangerously dependent on a fragile system?

Registration via Meetup with full name for this event closes on 15 May and is essential to ensure admission. Photo ID MUST be brought to the event. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) dominate outdoor navigation and many timing systems, but are frighteningly easy to disrupt. How far can we depend on them in the light of accidental interference, malicious jamming and now spoofing? How can we tell when we shouldn't trust them? We look at current and evolving threats, and techniques to protect, toughen and augment GNSS, including existing and emerging space and terrestrial technologies. After 25 years in the space industry working mainly on electro-optical payloads, Bob has spent the last 12 years in the government-funded Knowledge Transfer Network, supporting business in position, navigation and timing (PNT), and more recently also quantum technology. Bob has taken a special interest in GNSS vulnerability, and has organised international conferences on vulnerability and its mitigation. Bob is a member of the Cabinet Office PNT Technical Group and chairs the Royal Institute of Navigation’s Technical Committee.

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Lecture Room SCI105

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