October Internet of Things talks at Redgate

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This month is a 'where are they now special'. In 2014 we heard from Gordon about his successful kickstarter for the Espruino. Over a year later, and with Gordon's hardware available through distributors worldwide, he's back to update us on his progress. At the same event, Claire opened our eyes by defining the UX challenges in a connected world. Since then, her book ‘Designing Connected Products: UX for the consumer internet of things’ has been published by O’Reilly and she returns to talk about what it covers.

The agenda will be:

Arrive 6:45 for a 7pm start

> Introduction by Mark Cheverton (@ennui2342)

> Espruino - Gordon Williams (@espruino)

> Designing Connected Products - Claire Rowland (@clurr)

> Networking

9pm Close

Gordon Williams (http://twitter.com/espruino) has been working on the Espruino (http://www.espruino.com) JavaScript interpreter for Microcontrollers for the last 3 years. After talking last year about his first KickStarter campaign, he went on to complete a second one for a much smaller device. This time he'll talk about where Espruino is now - why it was developed, how it works, and why interpreted languages on microcontrollers are getting so popular.

Claire Rowland (http://twitter.com/clurr) is an independent UX strategist, design manager and researcher with a particular interest in experience design for the internet of things/connected devices/ubiquitous computing (whatever you want to call it!). Previously, she was the service design manager for AlertMe.com, a connected home platform provider, and head of research at design agency Fjord. She is the author of Designing Connected Products published by O’Reilly, perhaps the first book published on UX design for the internet of things.

Hashtag: #iotcam. Thanks to Redgate for hosting the meetup:

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