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Capture the Flag is a classic game in which two to three teams of players attempt to locate and take the opposing team's flag, and bring it back to their home base. The game can easily adapted for all levels of athletic ability. Don't know how to play? That is okay, come anyway and learn!

Starting September 2019, the group will attempt to meet every second and fourth Saturday from 10:30-12.

Each game lasts a max of 30 mins.

1) Divide Into Teams:
Teams (typically 2, up to 3) are assigned randomly, usually by counting.

2) Hiding The Flags:
Each team has 2 minutes respectively to hide their flags. The flag must be visible by at least 1 angle.

3) Gameplay:
A whistle signals the game play to begin. Each team attempts to locate and take the other team's flag back to their side of the field. If tagged on the opposing team's side, the player will go to the jail area on that side. If the tagged player was carrying the opposing team's flag, the flag will be dropped where tagged. All players in jail are released if the jail is tagged by a member of their team, and those players must return to their side of the field before resuming gameplay.

4) Winning the Game:
The game is won by the team that brings their opposing team's flag back to their area.

The flag and the jail area cannot be guarded within 15 feet.

After three games, we will go to a nearby place for a bite to eat. All identities are welcome- LGBTQQIA2+ and straight allies of all ages, walks of life and athletic ability.

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