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Play friendly coed pickup soccer in Belmont at 10:00 Sunday
Hi Soccer Comrades! You are hereby invited to play in the coed, kinder and gentler, pickup soccer on Sunday, December 3 at 10:00 AM! PLEASE READ IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT SUNDAYS’s LOCATION (see below)! Location: The TURF FIELD (to the right of Viglirolo Ice Hockey Rink), not the grass field that we typically play on during the warmer weather. Please remember the following: FINANCIAL POINT: Each player who has not already done so should contribute ten dollars ($10) per calendar year. Payments should be made in cash and followed up by an email to [masked] confirming the contribution. Many of you have done this already, so thank you. · This is the "kinder and gentler" friendly, coed, game for people of all ages and nobody should get too serious: we want to avoid any injuries. That said, it is recommended that all players wear shin guards and soccer cleats. · Each player should bring a WHITE shirt and a BLACK or DARK BLUE shirt, so as to make team formation easy. Please try NOT to wear gray, yellow, orange, green, light blue etc. · Everybody should bring some water or something to drink. To see the expected location, please see the customized map at I suggest bringing a soccer ball and cones to mark the field.

Turf Field

Belmont High School · Belmont, MA