Brice Fernandes - Understanding Computation


Brice is coming to Cambridge!
As many of you know, Brice ( is the founder of Cambridge Programmers' Study Group. He is coming to visit for a few days, and he has offered to give us an exciting talk about the very book we are studying, Understanding Computation.

In a talk that will be mostly live demonstration with some interactivity with the audience, we will playfully take a tiny subset of the Ruby language and implement the lambda calculus. In the process, we'll learn about (or revise) some interesting computer science and explore a less common paradigm of programming.

Note: you don't need to know any Ruby in order to understand the talk.

If you want to follow along, you will need your laptop with Ruby installed (any recent version should work, and you will get instructions on the day. If you just want to watch, that's also perfectly fine :)

About our speaker
Brice Fernandes is a freelance software engineer and entrepreneur. He is interested in functional languages, flow-based programming, functional-reactive programming, polyglot frameworks and data-centric design.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to Redgate for providing the venue. There will also be pizza provided courtesy of Cambridge Medical Robotics. Both companies are currently recruiting, so please do check them out if you're looking for a new opportunity.


We'll be heading to the pub afterwards, so you're all welcome to join us :)