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Relativity class -- Sat. May 6, 5 pm to 6:30 pm
We will review recent notes on the Lorentz Transformation & Addition Formulae, on Space-time Diagrams, and on the Twin Paradox.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread, White St, MA Porter Square Shopping Center · Cambridge, MA

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I would like to announce here that I am willing to give periodic classes on any of a great many subjects if people are interested. We would choose a day that people can make, I am free most Monday, Thursday and Friday and Sunday evenings. I would appreciate a small optional cash fee if you can afford it, to cover preparation time and note xeroxing, as I live on social security. Possible subjects are languages (e.g., GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, etc., focusing on reading rather than conversation), various SCIENCES and MATH topics at any level, GEOGRAPHY or HISTORY, POETRY, and GETTING AROUND BOSTON BY CAR OR MBTA. If there is another topic that sounds like it might be in my bailiwick, suggest it. --Murray Denofsky, organizer


Currently dues paying is voluntary. If you attend a meeting and like it, please pay our $12 annual dues so we can make sure Meetup keeps supporting us. Thank you.
Robin, co-coordinator


This group continues and expands upon a science lecture group that has met monthly since 1984. We will have general discussion over supper, followed by a lecture or book review by a member, followed by questions and discussion on the presentation. Anyone may volunteer a talk at a previous meeting or electronically (they should have attended at least once), as long as the group feels the topic is of general interest to members. Talks should be aimed at the non-specialized scientific listener, but may include some well-explained math, if the topic requires it (e.g., for physics or math topics). Speakers are encouraged to provide a copy of typed notes for each attendee at the meeting, especially if there are pictures, diagrams or math involved, and may also attach notes to the meeting announcement, which will be made available to members at least a week beforehand. Book reviews should not assume attendees have read the book, though they are invited to do so. Occasionally, a science-based science fiction book or film may be chosen for review. Book reviews may include selected readings aloud from the book by the presenter. Blackboards will not be available, and LCD displays will not be convenient (except for occasional photos), as attendees may sit at a long table.

Currently we are meeting at Panera downstairs dining room at Porter Square Cambridge, from 6-9 pm. The talk will begin about 7 pm. Panera has inexpensive meals and some healthy options.

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