What we're about

In this group you can learn useful & fascinating science you are unlikely to get elsewhere.

Cambridge Science Meetup was created by the founder of the Science Group in Cambridge over 35 years ago, with the same mission today, to provide:

• Concise scientific information of interest to the educated public, especially future-shaping info hidden by profit-first media & other near monopolies

• A friendly environment for exchanging thoughts & making friends

• Easy to follow handouts

• Originally, fine Chinese special dishes to share

Meeting Preparation

Presenter will be a member or invited expert. Talks should be aimed at the non-specialized scientific listener, but may include some well-explained math, if needed. Presentations may be an illustrated lecture or book review of general interest.

Meeting Process

• A week before the meeting, the organizer will email members the date and site or Zoom link, and a brief summary of the topic

• Meals and conversation start at 6 pm if included

• Meetings run from 7 to 9, often on the first Saturday of the month

• Questions and discussion, then ideas for next meeting

• Donations welcome

Major science issues

• Climate & Ecology

• Groupthink & Pseudoscience

• Psychology & Politics

• Nutrition & Health

• Personality & Community

• Networking & AI

• Physics & Radiations

• Gaia vs God

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Panera Bread

KANJI class --Murray Denofsky

Panera Bread

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