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Ease into Autumn with Qigong & Tibetan Bowls
Do you suffer from coughs, colds and Lung problems? Do you crave some time to be quiet, to pause and reflect? Is the past a source of sorrow, not of inspiration? As nature dims her Summer lights, this evening of Qigong and Tibetan Bowls will help you to embrace Autumn's energy of stepping back from the busy noise of life to pause, catch your breath and reflect. At this time of year, nature's inward-drawing calls us human beings too to turn away from the expansive abundance of Summer and to look back with self-honesty at the past. Only if we make this time to reflect, can we discover the precious lessons of what has gone, however painful. And have the chance to refine our lives back to what truly belongs to us, shedding what does not. Thus - with our life ever-more aligned with who we really are - we sow the seeds for a more abundant future as nature's seasonal cycle continues to turn. This evening of movement and sound will shift our focus from the Summer's Heart to our Lungs, where Autumn's energy of refinement, of sorting the pure from the impure, is felt most strongly within us. If your Lungs don't eliminate well, they get congested and you end up suffering coughs and colds, losing vitality and may find yourself wallowing in heavy, constricting feelings of sadness and sorrow. Our Autumnal Qigong practice - aided by the resonance of the Tibetan Bowls - will help to clear and strengthen your Lungs. Able to breathe freely without collapse, you can then enjoy Autumn's inward-turning as a gently supportive hug and fully reap the benefits of this precious season. What to expect: There will be a little introduction to the evening's theme. Then we'll spend most of the session in the movement of Qigong practice (led by Tiffany and accompanied by Nick's orchestra of Tibetan Bowls) and part of the session in stillness, sitting or lying comfortably and being bathed and relaxed by the sound of the Bowls. Qigong combines gentle movement, breath and focused awareness. As we move, the vibration of the bowls helps to quiet our busy minds and to draw us deeply into our bodies so we can benefit fully from the practice. No experience is needed. And the movements can be done sitting on a chair if standing or getting down on the floor is a problem for you. This Meetup is open to all - men and women of all ages. What to bring: Just come along in comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring a Yoga mat, thin blanket or a cushion, if you like (but we have some cushions and the room is warm and carpeted). Important: - Price - £15 on the door. Please bring the right change, don't forget to pay and be sure to sign your name in the book (even if you have been before) and to tick to confirm you have paid. Payment is done on trust - we ask that no one abuses this. - Please try to arrive in good time, so we can start punctually at 7.30pm. Thanks. DO JOIN US FOR THIS EVENING OF RELAXING AND HARMONISING PRACTICE. Please see About Us for more general information about us and why we run these sessions. To find out more, visit my website or feel free to email me on [masked] if you have any questions.

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    Do come to join us for our regular meetings if you would like to add the fabulous tools of Tibetan Bowl sound and Qigong movement to your own self-healing toolkit.

    We hold Tibetan Bowls sessions once each month (and sometimes more) and Qigong and Tibetan Bowls sessions every quarter on the Equinox or Solstice to welcome in and harmonise ourselves with the energy of the new season.

    Each session is a healing moment in itself as we bathe ourselves in sound and movement, which open up energetic blockages as they draw us away from our daily cares towards sensations of our bodies. It is also an opportunity to deepen our understanding of how to use sound and movement to self-heal at home.

    We are three sound and movement therapists and friends, Nick, Karen and Tiffany.

    Nick hosts the regular monthly sessions, usually centred on a sound bath, where you lie or sit as the relaxing and healing sounds of his orchestra of bowls move around and through you, inducing a stress-reducing meditative state.

    Tiffany leads the movement and Nick may be joined by Karen on the bowls when we bring these sounds together with the gentle movements of the ancient Chinese art of Qigong (related to Tai Chi). We find that this combination amplifies the deeply healing powers of both the sound and the movement.

    We set up this group so we can share these benefits with other people who are looking for new ways to nurture their own health and wellbeing.

    No experience is needed and the practices are suitable for all ages. They can be done sitting on a chair if standing or sitting on the floor is a problem for you.

    Please be sure to read the listings of each individual session for information on the content and what to expect.

    To find out more, visit Tiffany's website ( or feel free to email me on

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