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Do come to join us for our regular meetings if you would like to add the fabulous tools of Tibetan Bowl sound and Qigong movement to your own self-healing toolkit.

We hold Tibetan Bowls sessions once each month (and sometimes more) and Qigong and Tibetan Bowls sessions every quarter on the Equinox or Solstice to welcome in and harmonise ourselves with the energy of the new season.

Each session is a healing moment in itself as we bathe ourselves in sound and movement, which open up energetic blockages as they draw us away from our daily cares towards sensations of our bodies. It is also an opportunity to deepen our understanding of how to use sound and movement to self-heal at home.

We are three sound and movement therapists and friends, Nick, Karen and Tiffany.

Nick hosts the regular monthly sessions, usually centred on a sound bath, where you lie or sit as the relaxing and healing sounds of his orchestra of bowls move around and through you, inducing a stress-reducing meditative state.

Tiffany leads the movement and Nick may be joined by Karen on the bowls when we bring these sounds together with the gentle movements of the ancient Chinese art of Qigong (related to Tai Chi). We find that this combination amplifies the deeply healing powers of both the sound and the movement.

We set up this group so we can share these benefits with other people who are looking for new ways to nurture their own health and wellbeing.

No experience is needed and the practices are suitable for all ages. They can be done sitting on a chair if standing or sitting on the floor is a problem for you.

Please be sure to read the listings of each individual session for information on the content and what to expect.

To find out more, visit Tiffany's website https://www.nurtureworksyoga.co.uk/offerings/workshops-retreats/qigong-tibetan-bowls/ (http://www.nurtureworksyoga.co.uk/classes/events-workshops) or feel free to email me on info@nurtureworks.co.uk.

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Sound bath and sonic massage with Tibetan singing bowls

Hartington Grove Quaker Meeting House


Relax and float away to the gentle tones of the Tibetan singing bowls. Then experience a deep massage as the bowls sing and vibrate on your body ______________________________________________________ You will lie in comfort while I play my collection of almost 40 old and new singing bowls, creating gentle and powerful sounds that relax your body and slow your brain to a meditative state or perhaps a deep sleep. You will drift away to a safe, calm space where you will leave behind stress, free up head-space and allow healing to take place. After the sound bath I will play bowls around you and on your body. The physical vibrations will provide a deep, sonic massage that travels throughout your body; seeking out and soothing physical or emotional blocks. When the sound has drifted away you should feel well rested, refreshed and lighter. ______________________________________________________ WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Please wear loose clothes and bring a mat, a pillow and a blanket so that you can lie comfortably on the floor. Chairs are available if you prefer not to lie down. PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE 7.30 so that we can start on time. Our room is the first on the right. =================================== Please book by replying to this post. Price is £15 on the door. ===================================

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