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Cambridge Skeptics are a not-for-profit community organisation promoting science, positive skepticism and critical thinking skills via public engagement. We host monthly Skeptics in the Pub events with speakers on various subjects as well as social events such as book clubs and coffee meets. We also run events in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival.

Our meetups are open to everyone, whether you consider yourself to be a skeptic or not. If the subject matter is of interest, please come along and join the discussion.

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Robin Ince: I'm A Joke and So Are You

The Cambridge Union Society

Join us for an evening with Robin Ince Why do we make the choices we do in life? Where does anxiety come from? Where does imagination come from? Why are we like we are? Do our parents f*&k us up? Informed by personal insights from his own life as well as interviews with a bevy of A-list comedians, neuroscientists, psychologists and doctors - this is a hilarious and often moving primer to the mind. As a connoisseur of comedy, Robin Ince has spent decades mining our eccentricities to create gags - and watching other strange individuals do the same. And for years on The Infinite Monkey Cage he has sought - sometimes in vain - to understand the world around us. In this book, he unites these pursuits to examine the human condition through the prism of humour. £5.00 ADVANCE (+ £0.30 booking fee) http://buytickets.at/cambridgeskeptics/219325 £8.00 ON THE DOOR (card/contactless only - no cash) Accessibility: Ramp access. Double-doorway opening.

Effective Altruism: Using Reason and Evidence to the Most Good

Join us for an evening with Effective Altruism Cambridge presented by Amrit Sidhu-Brar A great many of us feel a drive to help others, out of concern or empathy, or even a sense of moral obligation. However, facing the scale of the world’s problems, it’s easy to become discouraged. How can any one person’s effort make the slightest dent in the enormity of the world’s injustice? Indeed, how can we know that our efforts are doing any good at all? As it turns out, though, using reason and evidence to approach these questions gives exciting results: while a great many projects don’t have significant positive impact, the very best opportunities for doing good are astronomically more effective – and by applying a little research to the question of where to direct their efforts, anyone can have a real, significant, and measurable impact on the lives of others. How can we do the most good? Effective altruism is a movement dedicated to asking this question, using evidence and reason to find the answers, and helping each other to put those answers into practice. Amrit Sidhu-Brar, a member of Cambridge’s effective altruism community, will present the evidence-backed case for putting one’s effort and resources towards helping with the world’s most pressing problems, by sharing some of effective altruism’s key insights: how a critically-minded person can choose which of the most important cause areas to work on (or donate to), the criteria that researchers have been using to assess the effectiveness of the top interventions within each, and the open questions that we need to address to best achieve our goals of helping others. Empathy gives us the drive to help those in need. Amrit will seek to show us that the use of evidence and good reasoning could help us do best by that empathy, by directing that drive towards efforts to have the greatest impact we can achieve. FREE ENTRY (registration required) http://buytickets.at/cambridgeskeptics/219340 Accessibility: Ramp access. 76cm doorway opening.

Gene Eating: The Science of Obesity and the Truth about Diets

Join us for an evening with Dr. Giles Yeo Giles is a graduate tutor and fellow of Wolfson College. His current research focuses on understanding how pathways differ between lean and obese people, and the influence of genes in our feeding behaviour. Giles Yeo is a geneticist with nearly 20 years’ experience studying obesity and the brain control of food intake. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge in genetics in 1998 and has been there ever since. He was in the initial vanguard that described a number of genes that when mutated, resulted in rare forms of severe obesity, thus uncovering key pathways in the brain that control food intake. His current research focuses on understanding how these pathways differ between lean and obese people, and the influence of genes in our feeding behaviour. He is a graduate tutor and fellow of Wolfson College. Giles is also a presenter for BBC Horizon. His first programme was ‘Why are we getting so fat?’, which aired June 2016. Most recently, His investigative piece ‘Clean eating – The dirty truth’ for BBC Horizon was screened on January 2017. The film has been critically acclaimed and has prompted an important national debate about dieting advice and evidence based science. £3.00 ADVANCE (+ £0.30 booking fee) http://buytickets.at/cambridgeskeptics/219331 £5.00 ON THE DOOR (subject to availability) Accessibility: Ramp access. 76cm doorway opening.

Undercover Adventures in the World of Irrationality

Join us for an evening with Michael 'Marsh' Marshall In Partnership with the Cambridge Science Festival 2019 Are psychics really talking to the dead? Is there any harm in selling sugar pills to the sick? And what happens when you begin to ask questions? Based on his adventures as a full-time skeptical investigator, Michael Marshall will show what happens when you go undercover to peek behind the curtain of the most unusual claims around – revealing the surprising, sometimes-shocking and often-comic truths. Michael Marshall is the Project Director of the Good Thinking Society and the Vice President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. He regularly speaks with proponents of pseudoscience for the Be Reasonable podcast. His work has seen him organising international homeopathy protests and co-founding the popular QED conference. He has written for the Guardian, The Times and New Statesman. £3.00 ADVANCE (+ £0.30 booking fee) http://buytickets.at/cambridgeskeptics/225700 £5.00 ON THE DOOR (subject to availability) Accessibility: Ramp access. 76cm doorway opening.

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