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The Skeptics Guide to the Universe - Podcast & Book Signing

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Join Cambridge Skeptics for a Live SGU Podcast Recording plus Book Signing

Copies of The SGU's Book will be on sale at our event, courtesy of Heffers Bookstore. Get your copy signed!

Tickets Available From:
£3.00 in advance online (card/paypal)
£5.00 on the door (cash/card/contactless)

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes.

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is a weekly, 80-minute podcast hosted by Steven Novella, MD, and a panel of "skeptical rogues". The show features discussions of recent scientific developments in layman's terms, and interviews authors, people in the area of science and other famous skeptics. The show also includes discussions of myths, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, the paranormal, and many general forms of superstition, from the point of view of scientific skepticism.

People's Choice Award, Best Podcast, Education category, 2009
People's Choice Award, Best Podcast, Science category, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014

Running Schedule:
Doors: 6:45pm
Book / Merchandise Sales: 6:45pm - 7:30pm
Podcast Recording: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Book Signing: 9:30pm to 10:00pm
Social: 9:30pm to 1:00am (close)
(Timings are approximate and may be subject to change).

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe:
How to Know What's Really Real in a World Increasingly Full of Fake

“Thorough, informative, and enlightening, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe inoculates you against the frailties and shortcomings of human cognition. If this book does not become required reading for us all, we may well see modern civilization unravel before our eyes.”—Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History

It’s intimidating to realize that we live in a world overflowing with misinformation, bias, myths, deception, and flawed knowledge. There really are no ultimate authority figures-no one has the secret and there is no place to look up the definitive answers to our questions (not even Google). But, by thinking skeptically and logically, we can combat sloppy reasoning, bad arguments and superstitious thinking. It’s difficult, and takes a lot of vigilance, but it’s worth the effort.

In this tie-in to their incredibly popular “The Skeptics Guide to the Universe” podcast, Steven Novella, MD along with “Skeptical Rogues” Bob Novella, Cara Santa Maria, Jay Novella, and Evan Bernstein will explain the tenets of skeptical thinking and debunk some of the biggest scientific myths, fallacies and conspiracy theories (Anti-vaccines, homeopathy, UFO sightings, etc.) They’ll help us try to make sense of what seems like an increasingly crazy world using powerful tools like science and philosophy. THE SKEPTICS’ GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE is your guide through this maze of modern life. It covers essential critical thinking skills, as well as giving insight into how your brain works and how to avoid common pitfalls in thinking. They discuss the difference between science and pseudoscience, how to recognize common science news tropes, how to discuss conspiracy theories with that crazy coworker of yours, and how to apply all of this to everyday life.

So, are you ready to join them on an epic scientific quest, one that has taken us from huddling in dark caves to stepping foot on the Moon? (Yes, we really did that.) Like all adventures, this one is foremost a journey of self discovery. The monsters you will slay and challenges you will face are mostly constructs of your own mind. With the SKEPTIC’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE, we can do this together.

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