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You may have the idea that Stoics are emotionless and unfeeling, following a dusty, out of date ancient philosophy. These are deceptive stereotypes, and our group would like to introduce you to a philosophy that can help you live your best possible life.

At any moment, in any situation, and at any stage of life, Stoicism provides a framework for living well. It reminds people of what is truly important and provides practical strategies to get more of what is valuable. Such is its worth that Stoic philosophy was the original philosophical inspiration for modern cognitive psychotherapy.

Our group is based around the philosophies of ancient and modern Stoicism, and we complement our discussions with modern psychology to examine aspects of everyday life. Our discussions bring together people who enjoy a “real” discussion in a social and fun atmosphere.

Generally, we have a monthly meeting to discuss a specific topic, and we have occasional meetings to discuss the basics of Stoicism. We also have frequent informal meetings, to discuss any aspect of Stoicism or philosophy

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