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This meet-up hopes to gather people who interested in the study and, above all, the practice of Stoic philosophy in the day-to-day life.

Stoicism has been for centuries one of the most successful and influential school of thought, spreading in every class of the Roman/Greek society.

It is now having a rebirth in the modern type with the same goal of 23 centuries ago.

We are inclined to consider philosophy as a series of complex conversions about abstract topics, on the contrary ancient philosophies like Stoicism addressed questions related to people life, primarily: How can we live a life worthy of living? How can I become a good person (‘arete’ in Greek)? How can I be happy (‘eudaemonia’)?

In English, the term stoic is often associated with the idea to be emotionless, robotic, a sort of Spock, or a long-suffering situation, “a lonely cow under the rain in the dark”.

However, a Stoic (capitol S) is nothing like. He/she is a person who pursue a moral growth, to cultivate ‘virtues’ and practical wisdom.

The Cambridge Stoics meet-up is open to everybody and it is intended to be a discussion about the daily practice of Stoicism using the ancient and modern text as source of inspiration.

To have a better understanding of Stoic philosophy, have a look at the following videos (http://mattiacinelli.com/4-of-the-best-introductory-videos-on-stoicism/).

Or to the following books (http://mattiacinelli.com/best-books-on-stoicism/).

“Cambridge Stoics” is part of the Stoic Fellowship (https://stoicfellowship.com/stoic-groups.html), an international community whose aim is to foster the knowledge and practice of Stoicism through on-line and in-person activities throughout the world.

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Marcus Aurelius: The Philosopher Emperor

Our next meet-up will focus on the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius, in conjunction with the publication of the newest book of Stoic writer Donald Robertson: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius (https://amzn.to/2TDP4rE). Marcus was the last emperor of the so called ‘Five-Good-Emperors’ period of the Roman Empire. He spent 12 years of his reign fighting the Germanic tribes on the border of the Empire (the same as seen at the beginning of the film Gladiator). And, at nights in his tent, he wrote his most famous work Meditation (or ‘to himself’ https://amzn.to/2WrPfs4). Consequently, this book is a sort of diary and philosophic text. It contains an amazing recollection of the most important Stoic teachings plus the internal discussion of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, resulting in the most intimate, lonely and rational diary that you will ever encounter. Recommended books: http://mattiacinelli.com/best-books-on-stoicism/ Videos: http://mattiacinelli.com/4-of-the-best-introductory-videos-on-stoicism/ The stoic fellowship: https://stoicfellowship.com/stoicism-resources.html As always feel free to bring notes or topic you want to discuss! Venue location will be decide shortly

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