What we're about

I want to meet local synth enthusiasts. If enough people are interested, we should organise proper meetups. In the meantime, please join the group and contact me so that we can hang out and jam and whatnot.

I don't care whether you're advanced or just getting started, or how much gear you own. Just so long as you live in Cambridge and are properly interested in synths.

I'm especially interested in Eurorack modular synthesisers, and I'm generally more interested in hardware than software synths. But I want the group's theme to simply be "synthesisers", at least for now. And even if you only use software synths, I still want to hear from you pls.

The group picture is from the MIT Museum's website.

PS: I had to pay money to create this group, so please make it worth my while and get in touch. :)

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