Café Synthetique: Graduate Talks!


This month Café Synthetique highlights the exciting synthetic biology work being performed by graduate students from around the University. Join us to support our early career researchers meet the Cambridge synthetic biology community over informal talks, discussion and pub snacks.


"Synthetic biology strategies to improve timber for biofuel production and to generate designer biomass."
Jan Lyczakowski, Department of Biochemistry

"Developing inducible expression systems for the controlled production of high value compounds in microalgae"
Patrick Hickland, Department of Plant Sciences

"Machine Learning and Automation in Synthetic Biology"
Clayton Rabideau, Department of Biochemistry

“Algal synthetic biology”
Stefan Grossfurthner, Department of Plant Sciences

"Creation of genetic circuits between the nucleus and the chloroplast in Chlamydomonas reinahrdtii using TPR and PPR proteins."
Aleix Gorchs-Rovira, Department of Plant Sciences

"Cell-free arsenic sensing"
Sensor CDT Students

If you would like to give a 5-7 min talk on your research, email [masked]