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Kaggle challenge
Hi all! If anyone's interested in taking part in one of the Kaggle data science challenges ( then sign up here! There's no need to be an expert as the idea is to learn as we go. First step, choose a challenge to tackle!

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This is a meet-up for women and technology. The group format and topics will be directed by the needs of its members. We will have events, talks and/or workshops on a variety of topics depending on what the members want. I make animations and videos and I would like to learn more skills in using digital technology and data visualisation. I have used visual programming languages such as Isadora and Pure Data and I would like to build on this. Other topics of interest include: Processing, Internet of things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, DJ software, Visual effects software.

What if you are a man interested in coming? Don't worry! Just bring a female friend or relative!

What if you don't have any female friends or relatives? Just send an email to , outlining what you hope to learn and how you would like to support women in technology.

Children and babies are always welcome (unless otherwise specified).

We are also trans/genderqueer friendly.

Please also get in touch to suggest a talk or workshop or what you would like to learn!

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