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Photo Critique: Architecture
Change of Day: Please take note that for this month only we have had to shift the Meetup to the first Wednesday instead of the usual first Tuesday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the brilliant talk from Richard ( last month where he shared his tips, tricks and amazing photos of buildings, we thought it would make sense to run one of our group critique events with "Architecture" as the theme. The images can be an exterior, interior or an architectural space - but, the building must be the subject of the image. We have changed the submission process, which will hopefully speed things up on the night and provide a more like-for-like comparison within the submissions. If the organisers deem that the image does not meet the criteria we may choose to not show it. Please send a maximum of 2 images via email to... camdark.bh0n0n @ ...before the event. Remove the spaces around the @ symbol (without the spaces Meetup will [mask] the email address). If you've never been to a Cambridge Darkroom Critique session, it's pretty simple: * Without revealing the identity of the photographer, we'll solicit constructive criticism from the group ** what's good about your photo and what could be improved * You can remain completely anonymous ** we only reveal the photo was yours later and only if you are happy to do so Submitted images should not have any watermarks and be assured that we delete all the images after the session. Submitting images is not compulsory but encouraged. These sessions are good fun and you'll find this an enjoyable, revealing, informative and hopefully inspiring evening. We are looking forward to seeing all your amazing shots.

The Maypole

20a Portugal Place · Cambridge, CB5 8AF

What we're about

If you've got a passion for photography, you should be part of Cambridge Darkroom.

** Who are we? **

We're probably a lot like you... We love taking photos, we're continually stretching our creativity, we're always learning and we enjoy meeting like-minded souls.

** Why join in? **

We'd like to make Cambridge Darkroom more than just a camera club. We truly believe that when people with a common interest group together, they can achieve great things. Sure, we can always learn how to better use our cameras, but we'd also like to see what a bunch of creatives can achieve when they put their collective photographic minds together.

Like a lot of things in today's world, photography and being a photographer is in a continual state of wobbliness. We aim to ride the wobbles together, to inspire, to share, and to discuss opportunities that could only come about through meeting up.

** When do we meet? **

First Tuesday of every month
The Maypole, 20A Portugal Pl, Cambridge CB5 8AF

At 8pm we typically have a 60 minute presentation/debate/critique or tutorial from someone who has something interesting to share, followed by a chance to discuss the topic over a drink or two. The meet-up is free, but we’ve yet to convince the Maypole to give us free beer! We have the venue for free on the basis we'll have a few drinks :)

** Is Cambridge Darkroom new? **

Not totally. Here's the history:

We've been running since 2011, but we took the name from a previous -now defunct- group.

The original Cambridge Darkroom was the Eastern region's first and largest gallery devoted to photography and associated arts. Founded in 1984 by a group of local residents who had previously started the first community photographic resource in Cambridge in 1978, it offered a wide variety of shows ranging from major national touring exhibitions to locally sourced work by individual photographers. In addition, it provided film and print darkroom facilities, available for hire by members, as well as workshops and outreach activities involving local schools and community organisations. It lasted for twenty years, finally closing in 2004, a victim of funding cuts by the major arts organisations that supported it. Here's some more info:

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