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Camden Friends is a group for everyone who wants to meet up socially in the Borough of Camden or the surrounding area.

Find new friends, learn new things, try new food, discover new places and have great fun.

Join and share your happiness, knowledge & peanuts!


Donate 💷.
You can donate any amount you like and your donation would go towards the costs/time associated with running the Camden Friends Meetup group.

I've made this page public ( https://www.meetup.com/Camden-Friends/money ...) *AS OF JULY 2018*, so you can view Camden Friends transactions such as Donations & Event Fees etc.

Once sufficient donations have been received an event will be arranged asap, hopefully a Social Gathering in Primose Hill Park during October 2019.

Donations are NOT Mandatory or Refundable.
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NOTE: You must RSVP if you wish to attend any Camden Friends event, this helps to ensure actual and potential attendees know how many people might attend.

Upcoming events (1)

Scottish ceilidh ('kay-lee') dancing in Camden
Needs a date and time

Cecil Sharp House

Hello everyone. Last weekend I ended up at a random ceilidh ('kay-lee') dancing night, which was heeps of fun. They have regular nights at the address below.

Cecil Sharp House
2 Regent's Park Road,
London NW1 7AY
Short walk from Camden town station.

A live band plays the music and dance teachers explain the steps - no previous dance experience is needed, you don't even need to be coupled up for this dance. What you can expect is lots of hopping in circles, running under the arms of other people hands, turning around and around and around. Honestly lots of fun!

Here are the dates of the ceilidh nights:

» 18th February (Saturday)
» 25th February (Saturday)
» 2nd March
» 9th March
» 17th March (Saturday)
» 23rd March
» 13th April
» 21st April
» 27th April
» 28th April (Singles)
» 4th May
» 11th May
» 25th May
» 8th June
» 16th June
» 22nd June

Let me know if you are interested!

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All American Thanksgiving

The Spread Eagle Camden Town 141 Albert Street

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