What we're about

We're creating community around arts, crafts, movement and culture activities. We're based at 1450 Ocean, the Camera Obscura building in Palisades Park just north of the Santa Monica Pier, perched on the bluffs overlooking the gorgeous seaside vista. If you find yourself on the Westside of LA we're easy to find (just go as far west as you can before the PCH!), and parking is a breeze at Structure 6 on 2nd St between Broadway and Santa Monica ($1 for 2.5 hours) or at the Civic Auditorium for $5 all day (unless there's an event there, 1855 Main) - more info at http://parkme.com/santa-monica-parking . Buses that serve 1450 Ocean include Routes 1, 2, 8 and rapid 10. Visit bigbluebus.com for more information. Biking to class is always encouraged! Polish your writing, take a better picture, make paper out of junk mail, knit a hat, sew a seam, and find other artists and movers!

Visit us at http://smgov.net/c ameraor 1450 Ocean Ave at Broadway

Contact communityclasses@smgov.net or 310-458-2239

Join our email list at http://smgov.net/artsignup

Like us at http://facebook.com/1450ocean

View a list of classes & register at http://ow.ly/TdseT

Improve us at http://surveymonkey.com/s/33JZ8YB

We post free and fee workshops with local artists and visiting master craftspeople, as well as ongoing yoga, dance, and other active classes.

Every second Saturday we offer a free Craft Lounge where folks can gather to work on their projects and exchange knowledge in a beautiful setting. Tea and snacks, free mini workshops, and some tools and materials will always be on hand (sewing machines, knitting equipment, paper, scissors and glue) + often guest artists drop by to show us their craft! If your existing arts/crafts guild or meetup wants a place to meet, we are often available - email us!

Try your hand at something today!

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