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Well this group started out full! Then after 30 days, only two were willing to chip in to help support the cost of hosting a group on Meetup which I fully disclosed in the below group information. So I'm looking at closing this group down and moving over to Flickr.

You can find the group under Groups: Everett Photo Walks: https://www.flickr.com/groups/14673568@N20/

Flickr is promoting a World Wide Photo Walk on April 4th. I hope to partake in that, depending on my work schedule!


This group is for people who like to take pictures with other people who like to take pictures. Outside in both urban and rural environments. And they like to meet for a cup of coffee.

Walking city streets, neighbourhoods, allies, country roads, parks, trails, parking lots, etc.

And I need a reason to get up and out early on the weekend to take some friggin pictures as I have a ton of film in my fridge that needs to be used! And I've been doing a lousy job of getting out there on my own.

Important group details!

Yep. Gotta have some of them.

• This group has a limit of 50 members.

• This group will have a joining fee of $5.00 annually (of which I get $4.12 after Meetup takes their cut for their fees) after a free 30 day trial. Why you ask? Well, it costs me $73 after tax for a 6 month subscription! Meetup is not free to host groups on. And it's not fun paying this when folks join and then never come to anything. Meetup is full of lurkers and I'm hoping if you have to pay, you'll want to get your monies (money's?) worth by coming out to an event! Your $5.00 will go into the pot to pay the dues.

• Once the group hits 50 members, if I find members who have paid and end up not coming to events and I remove you, you will NOT receive a refund. So come to events! *Correction. Meetup will automatically remove you from the group if you have unpaid dues after 30 days.

• I will aim for at least 1 event a month. I work a lot of weekends. I suspect most events will be on a Sunday as I have better luck not working that day. Events will be rain or shine or rain and a coffee shop with or without pictures taken. I have found that the more actively interested members are the better I am at posting events. So be involved! Sorry, I'm unable to commit to a specific day per month.

• Your profile photo must be a photo of YOU and your lovely face! Where I can see who you are. Not your high school year book photo form 10 or 20+ years ago. And not on a mountain top from a mile away where you are just a silhouette. Really sucks when meeting new folks for the first time and I don't know who I'm looking for.

• This group is open to all camera types and skill levels.

• This groups events will take place within Everett or old town Mukilteo. Might find an occasional meetup in Snohomish or Marysville, but please do not whine because it's in Everett!

• I don't host photo shoots or studio shoots with models. There are other groups out there for that.

• I shoot film without flash or zoom so locations will cater to that.

• And lastly, don't be a gear snob.

I think that's all for now?

If you made it this far and still want to join, awesome!

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Cameras and Coffee Outing: Snohomish

Andy's Fish House

Morning Coffee: Cafe Zippy

Cafe Zippy

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