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Got Toys?

The Fun Starts where the pavement ends!

Our purpose is to create a large group of friends,

that love to 4x4 the dunes and trails,

in Nevada , Arizona , California , Utah , and Oregon.

Here is what to expect...

Most members will have a Toy Hauler

Don’t have one ? No worries, …

Tent camping will do fine just as well!

We will try to stay geared towards overnight trips,

to make the most use of our Toyhaulers …

Our rides will have varying types of terrain and scenery …

“Dune” Trips are NOT highly organized,

If you want to sleep in, fine...

explore where and when you want, at your own pace.

Some of the great “Sand Dune” Locations we will plan …

(Armargosa, corral pink, Dumont , Sand Hollow, Pismo, Winchester Bay & more ).

“Trail” Trips are more scenic, and typically means …

We will explore together in a convoy,

leave & come back to camp, together as a group.

make stops periodically to enjoy the scenery & for photo ops .

It could also include …

Poker Runs , PotLuck BBQ , Chili Cook off’s , Geo Caching ,

and of course build Bonfires, and eat Smores!!

Some of the great “Trail” Locations we will plan ….

( Duck Creek , Piute trails , Alpine Az , Logandale, Sand Hollow and many others )

In addition to the Dunes and Trails....

we will also do “day trips” to places like…

Ghost Towns , Old Mines and known UFO spots

So whether you ride a …

Sport Quad

Utility ATV

Rhino / RZR / Rangers / UTV

SandRail / Dune Buggy

Dirt bike

Or tricked-out golf cart …

If your looking for people to ride with,

Then this is the place for YOU!

Bottom Line…

We are a very informal ATV Club

The idea is simple …..

No officers, No dues, it cost nothing to join.

WE JUST MEET AND RIDE. No expectations.

Cuz Everyone wants more riding Friends, right? !!!

We think so too.

I look forward to riding with everyone,

~ Crystaline P

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Organizers are volunteering their time and effort to show you the beautiful area we are surrounded by.


In 2010 we will be renting 20 X 50 RV storage spaces

for approximately $125 a month

Our official website should be up and running soon …

if your interested , email me & you can be put on a waiting list for a space.

Oh, and We plan to start renting 4x4 toys and Toyhaulers as well!

P.S. don’t know what Geocaching is? … Check out these sites

Official Site....


YouTube Geocache Video ....


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_ZPnotnNIM&... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_ZPnotnNIM&feature=related)



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