What we're about

The --Camping and Hotel Club-- takes road trips to visit attractions surrounding Michigan, and Ohio. We travel to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, down to the lower parts of Ohio and everywhere in between. If our members have other ideas of where to go...lead the way! Our caravan will follow!

Our trips last several hours, to weeks at a time. Example: Cedar Point is a day trip and can be done in a three hours drive whereas Michigan's Upper Peninsula is too far to be done overnight. Jackson Hole Wyoming is an amazing adventure that would span several days!

Share your trip plans! We encourage our members to be creative with their vacations and be welcoming to everyone else. If you have an idea please promote it to the group. Be open to suggestion and be willing to follow through. We want you to have a good time...and we want to have a good time with you!

If you need adventure and want friends come traveling with us. We're happy you came! Create your own trip and we'll follow; or we'll create one for you!

We like camping and hotels. It makes no difference which lodging choice you choose. Campers and hotel dwellers come together for a shared experience when we meet at the attraction/event. Everyone can be in a hotel, campground or both. We come together at the attraction/event/activities for fun, so it doesn't matter where we stay; we're here for camaraderie, friendship, personal growth, and adventure!

Camping is cheap and enjoyable in the Summer months. In the fall and thereafter it becomes cold and uncomfortable if you don't own an RV. Hotels with the convenience of heat and running water are preferable in the colder weather.

How can we compromise our travel preferences so everyone can integrate and enjoy a shared experience regardless of our budget or personal tastes regarding a vacation?

--The Camping and Hotel Club--

...combines lodging within the same trip and promotes camaraderie for everyone!

If you enjoy road trips, adventure, parks, monuments, hiking, nature and new experiences to grow intellectually, talk and find happiness you're welcome to give us a try. We welcome kind, fun loving individuals to take part in our group that are open minded, active, and willing to make friends.

We have one rule that's similar to a fraternity...that our members respect one another with politeness, and if you can't say anything nice you will not speak poorly. We promote conversational intimacy and connection with regard to our members feelings. This is important for a welcoming environment that keeps the mood simple and fun.

We'll greet you with a smile and a smore to eat at the campfire...or we'll salute you for joining our group inside the hotels restaurant with a champagne toast! Come as you are and walk beside us. Be our friend.

...You're welcome here just the same!

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