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** Better Canada, Better World ! **
By age 10, Katherine and her family had raised enough money to send thousands of life-saving bed nets to families and children in Africa. What are you waiting for? * We are not asking for your donation, but participation, inputs, and encouragement. * Help us by spreading the words so that we may gather enough like-minded volunteers and momentum to make these initiatives a success! 1. Let's build the BEST Female Entrepreneurs Community in the world! Female Entrepreneurs in Canada ( Canada has that environment and potential and now, let's do our part and together make it happen! 2. * 100 Cities, Million People, Billion Connections * -- A global platform initiating from Toronto: GLOBAL FRIENDS (20 cities; 100,000 members worldwide!) Like John Tory said, Toronto is a model for rest of the world regarding how people live together. Let's share our experience and influence around the globe, building a global communitywith strong bonds/connectionsacross barriers of nations, languages & cultures. 3. The smart phone phenomenon debuted in Canada (Blackberry of RIM). Let's help our bright young minds with bringing their dreams and innovations into realization. Toronto Entrepreneurs (8,000 dreamers w/ actions, #1 professional/business group in Canada) Toronto Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs (TYPE) ( Get prepared for a future Apple or Google next-time it happens! A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. ~John Lennon

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Welcome to Toronto's Newcomers Community -- BIG CITY, Small World

We are the largest newcomers group in Canada, and SECOND LARGEST in the world**

* Our mandate is to offer FREE Service to Newcomers across GTA -- Together, we make Toronto a first-class city, and a model for the rest of the world :)

** FYI, the largest newcomer group in the world is 'New in Berlin', while we have grown past the ones in New York (around 6,500 members) and Paris.

*** We would be happy and fulfilled to see our members blend in and enjoy their life in Toronto, as we were once newcomers too and we are all a family;)

Note: You need to be 18+ year old or older to join. (If you are under 18 you need to get permission from main organizers if you really like to participate in our events.)

Let's build a friendly community with people originally from outside Toronto or all over the world, as well as anyone who would like to meet people of different cultural backgrounds or to provide assistance to them.

Language, Job hunting, Information/Free seminars (leisure, living, immigration, legal, education, community resources...), Experience sharing (do & don't...), Settling in general, Commute assistance (carpools/rides, license tests), Expanding social circle and horizon, Tutoring/Mentoring, Health/Emergency...

A newcomer can use your help for a long list of things. Many of us were also once a "newcomer" to an unfamiliar country, city, or even a totally different culture, and we know how that feels.

It's not that easy to get people to volunteer, but I am sure there are quite a few willing to help from this group. Let's try our best and make this happen!

Your contributions in any way will be valued and appreciated!

PS: You do NOT need to be a NEWCOMER to join this group. "Native English speakers" are always among the highest demand for "community partnership" of International newcomers. You may help a newcomer learn English, and at the same time you get to learn a new culture, language, and expand/diversify your social circle... And we all like to do some good deeds:)

* More events, fun activities, and free services to be facilitated soon... Stay tuned!!


Sharing of info for newcomers:

* Thanks for your support and for sure we are eager to offer better and better service to our members! It will be appreciated if you can have in mind to invite friends or people who may benefit from our group or who like to contribute to our community:)

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